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Arkansas Federal Appeal Lawyers

Arkansas Federal Appeal Lawyers

Federal Appeal Attorneys Arkansas

Brownstone is a successful federal appellate firm that has handled hundreds of cases for clients across multiple legal disciplines. We are one of the foremost federal appeals law firms in Arkansas, providing effective federal appellate representation for individuals and businesses.

Contact our federal criminal and civil appeals lawyers in Arkansas 888-233-8895.

Brownstone has an experienced and well trained appellate litigation staff in Arkansas that focus on federal appeals. Our Arkansas federal appeal lawyers handle civil and criminal appeals in both federal courts across all areas of law with diligence and professionalism. We have the ability to tackle a variety of legal issues in federal courts. Contact our Arkansas federal appeal lawyers today at 1-888-233-8895.  Return to our federal appellate lawyer page.

Federal Appellate Litigation in Arkansas

Brownstone’s appeal practice is an addition to trial practice and we handle appeals for cases that have been handled by different legal counsel during the trial. We work as co-counsel with the trial lawyers appointed by our clients so that each and every aspect of the case can be covered during the appeal.

Our Arkansas federal appeal lawyers are experienced at handling federal appeals. We create the best strategies for handling such cases for our clients in Little Rock and throughout the state. Brownstone represents businesses, keeping in mind their need for discretion, while exploring all options available and how to make the most of them.

Brownstone has a robust Arkansas appellate litigation team who have the experience to deal with all branches of law for filing federal appeals from Arkansas. We deal with the issues arising during the pre-trial and trial process, developing a winning strategy for each and every case we take on. We have handled many appeals successfully, representing clients in the US Supreme Court, the lower federal courts and the administrative appeals courts. Our firm also handle federal writs of habeas corpus in Arkansas.

Arkansas Federal Appellate Litigation Firm

Appeals are challenging and complex, which is why Brownstone devotes all of its efforts to them. We focus on strategy and delivering results that matter in the appellate arena. Our core belief is to increase our clients’ chance of winning by preparing effective briefs and arguments during oral presentations before the Appeals Courts. We believe in pride, passion, and the pursuit of winning the argument on appeal.

Our firm shares a unique commitment to appellate litigation. Clients from across the nation seek the help of our firm to argue important cases. Our appeal attorneys have distinguished themselves as some of the most elite litigators in the nation. We have former law clerks, prosecutors, members of the Order of Coif, and attorneys that have handled hundreds of criminal and civil appeals

When you appeal  a federal criminal case in Arkansas on the grounds of any error made at the trial level, the error must be a substantial one as opposed to a harmless one with little or no impact on the result. Taking harmless errors out of the picture, you now have two grounds for appeal: the trial court made a serious error of law or procedure (plain error), or the evidence does not support the verdict.

plain error is defined as one that affecting the defendant’s constitutional rights. In this case, the error may not have been brought to the judge’s attention during the trial. Appeals based on inadequate evidence are rarely successful. As appellate courts don’t hear witness testimonies, opening, and closing statements, or see the presentation of evidence, they are not really well-equipped to evaluate the weight of the evidence. This is why they often give trial courts leeway and support their verdict.

Federal Criminal Appeal Attorneys in Arkansas

If any of these things happened to you during the course of your initial legal proceedings, you have every right to begin the appeals process. The experienced Arkansas federal appeal lawyers are here to help you navigate every step of the process. Appeals are our business and we are proud to help you get the justice you deserve. Get in touch today with our criminal appeals attorneys in Arkansas today!  Most appeals originate before the US District Courts in Arkansas.

In Arkansas the appeals process for federal, civil or criminal cases is complex. An appeal does not mean a new trial will occur with new evidence. It is actually a review of the relevant portion of your court file and the procedures that resulted in the ruling of your case. If you need to make an appeal you need to contact Brownstone Law, with its years of experience in appeals law in Arkansas and let them represent you in the Arkansas court system. Your right to know if your case was properly handled. You have the right to know if your case procedures were properly handled and that the ruling your received was just. Calling Brownstone’s Arkansas federal appeal lawyers can give you peace of mind.

Contact our Arkansas federal appeal lawyers in Little Rock at 1-888-233-8895. We welcome you and your business to be part of our federal appellate practice team.