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Arkansas Federal Habeas Corpus Lawyers

Brownstone has a team of highly skilled and experienced Arkansas habeas corpus lawyers stationed in all the major cities in Arkansas including Little Rock. Over the past few years, we have successfully appealed civil and criminal litigation at the Arkansas federal appellate courts. Our Arkansas federal habeas corpus lawyers are also familiar with the rules of appellate procedure at the Supreme Court. Apart from our nationwide presence, our ability to handle a wide assortment of cases makes us the best law firm in the United States.

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When compared to trial court litigation, the appeal process is quite difficult and challenging as there are strict guidelines and rules to be followed. It is therefore in the defendant’s best interest to appoint Arkansas habeas corpus lawyers who specializes in appeal cases only. This way, the defendant is assured that the case won’t be thrown out of the federal appellate courts on technical grounds. Proof of the quality of our services and our passion to deliver results can be obtained f

Supreme Court Federal Appeals Lawyers in Arkansas

At Brownstone, we are renowned for our ability to conduct thorough research so as to identify the errors made by the trial court. This way, we manage to present strong and convincing briefs and oral arguments in the federal appellate courts. Some of the cases that our appellate lawyers managed to appeal successfully involved tax evasion, insurance fraud, deportation, business torts, copyright infringement, family disputes, property ownership wrangles, permits, drug trafficking, Prometheus and shareholder disputes. Our appellate attorneys also have experience in filing motions for post-conviction relief, motion to withdraw plea, 2255 writs, section 2254 motions, motion to reduce sentence, pardons and clemency. Federal writs are filed in the US District Courts in Arkansas.

We normally work with the trial counsel so as to obtain all the details regarding a given case and consequently come up with strong arguments. This way, we have managed to overturn convictions, secure reduced sentence or even being granted a retrial. Our clients have also had increased compensation after a successful appeal process.


Arkansas Federal Post-Conviction Motions

Brownstone lawyers are competent in legal representation and ensuring that the accused will not be punished with sentence that is not proportionate to the offense committed. We have been handling federal criminal appeals for years. The years of experience of the Brownstone’s Arkansas habeas corpus lawyers in the jurisdiction of the state of Arkansas makes us perfect lawyers and attorneys to deal with the courts in pursuing justice and favorable decisions for its clients.

Not all judgments are appealable. Not all rulings of the trial court are erroneous or warrant a reversal. Our Arkansas federal criminal lawyers will assess your case and give an honest advice with justice and candor to save you from spending a lot of money, time and effort in a legal endeavor that is not ripe for an 2255 motion to vacate judgment.

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