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Federal Appeals Attorneys in Utah

Federal Appeals Attorneys in Utah


Our Utah federal appeal lawyers have experience in numerous areas of federal law including torts, constitutional, regulatory, contracts, commercial, and novel issues of procedural law. We practice before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeal for the United States and the Supreme Court of the United States. The Utah federal appeal attorneys at our firm handle both civil and criminal appeals.

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Utah Federal Appellate Law Firm

The Utah federal appeal lawyers at Brownstone prepare and file the best briefs in the nation. We are creative, innovative, and offer top quality federal appellate strategies for purposes of federal appeal. Clients from Utah seek our firm to represent their interest on federal appeals across the country. Our appellate litigation lawyers join efforts to provide the best client service. Clients in Utah benefit from our approach to federal appellate litigation. We dissect complex cases and arguments and prepare substantive analysis for the federal courts of appeal and judges.

Federal Appeals Attorneys in Utah

Mistakes made in the trial courts form the basis of appeals. There are other factual issues which may be raised when filing a federal appeal. Our Utah federal appeal lawyers take criminal and civil appeals, from Salt Lake, West Provo, West Jordan, West City Valley and Ogden, to the United States Supreme Court. We handle federal appeals for clients and prepare briefs highlighting the errors which may have occurred a trial, including:


We are licensed in every federal appeal court in the United States and the United States Supreme Court.

Federal Criminal Appeal Lawyers in Utah

We deal with cases in which the defendant has been wrongly convicted or sentenced due to improper jury instructions, a misapplied legal principle on the part of the trial judge, evidence tampering, perjury, and other factors that resulted in an unfair trial. Most criminal appeals start in the Salt Lake City United States District Court after a defendant is convicted or sentenced. When handling federal appeals, we analyze adequate jury instructions, violations of discovery rules, improper admission of expert testimony, illegal searches and seizures, improperly obtained confessions, conflict of interest on the part of the presiding judge, improperly handled evidence and prejudiced testimony.

Salt Lake City Federal Appeals Lawyers

A direct appeal, unlike proceedings for habeas corpus, will be limited to mistakes which appear on a trial record. As one example, imagine that a defendant stood accused of a criminal act that was discovered to have happened on a certain day. This defendant informs his attorney that he was within Utah for one month after and before that day. In order to verify the alibi, he will provide the attorney with the identities of ten witnesses who may prove his presence within Utah during that time. If the attorney does not interview those witnesses or does not call the witnesses to testify in trial and a defendant is convicted, his trial record will show that the ten witnesses didn’t testify. Why these witnesses did not testify potentially won’t appear on the record. If the reason does, the attorney’s deficient conduct might be one ground raised upon direct appeal. If the reason doesn’t appear on the record, it may just be raised within a proceeding for habeas corpus after a direct appeal, if an appeal isn’t successful on additional grounds.

Our team of federal appellate lawyers also handle-trial and appellate litigation. Our attorneys are highly talented post-trial and appellate attorneys with a track record of success. Our commercial appellate litigation team aggressively advocates the interests of our clients. Clients from across the state of Utah turn to us when confronting a business controversy because of our highly skilled professionals and extensive trial experience in nearly every facet of business relations.  Learn more about the Salt Lake City Utah Federal Appellate Court and the process for criminal and civil appeals.

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