Brownstone, P.A. is a dedicated federal appeals law firm, handling in civil and criminal cases. Appeals from the federal district court in Virginia proceed to the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, which is located in Richmond, Virginia.

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Our federal appellate lawyers have argued hundreds of cases in federal courts across the state, leading to unrivaled expertise in the area of appeals. We believe in client-centered business – we succeed when you succeed. This approach means that we put all of our passion and pride in our work as federal appeals lawyers into each and every case.  Return to our main federal appeals lawyer page and read more about our work in federal appellate courts.  Federal appeals from the federal district courts in Virginia start in the districts of Virginia Beach, Richmond, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Alexandria, Newport News, and Roanoke.

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Some of the many federal criminal appeals cases that Brownstone handles are those for convictions of money laundering. Money laundering involves using financial transactions to hide information about the source or destination associated with money. Essentially, this is meant to clean the money of any negative associations and both businesses and individuals perform such actions. Sometimes fake organizations are set up offshore to pass the money through. A sentence for money laundering may range from five years to life imprisonment, depending on the extent of the scheme. If you are considering appealing a federal money laundering conviction, contact us right away. You will need a knowledgeable federal criminal appeal attorney in such a case. Contact us today at 888-233-8895.

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Civil federal appeals are handled by our federal appeal lawyers may include medical malpractice, foreclosures, environmental law, business litigation, labor law, intellectual property rights disputes, and more. Our lawyers have extensive experience preparing appellate briefs and providing oral argumentation for such cases.

If you are considering filing an appeal in a federal case, contact us at Brownstone, P.A. today for your free and confidential consultation. We can help you achieve a just outcome.

In federal criminal cases, a motion to vacate sentence is based on specific grounds. These grounds include alleged wrong application of the law. Mere dissatisfaction with the decision of the court is not enough. It should be noted that the jurisdiction of the court that decided is also important and the lack thereof can make the sentence subject to a motion to vacate. Virginia federal laws are not the easiest thing to understand. Thus, Brownstone’s Federal appeal lawyers are more than willing to guide the clients so that every step of the way, they will be able to attain legal triumphs and get the justice that they deserve. The procedural steps should always be considered so as not to lose substantive rights by mere technicalities. Call our Virginia federal appellate litigation law firm for federal appeal to the Fourth Circuit  at 888-233-8895.

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If you have been wrongfully convicted of a federal crime in Virginia, our experienced appeal lawyers are here to help you get your name, reputation, and life back. Brownstone Law is strictly an federal appellate law firm. Because appeals are our sole business, we are able to staff ourselves with a team of experienced appeals attorneys and independent counsels. Our Federal Appeal Lawyers pride themselves on committing fully to each and every appeal. Their work ethic is second to none and the morality with which they approach each case is unimpeachable.

One kind of post-conviction relief that our federal appeal lawyer may deal with are pardon and clemency applications. Executive clemency is a right of the governor in state cases. The governor and the clemency board, which is made up of the members of the cabinet, hear petitions for clemency. Clemency is an act that frees an individual from all or any part of a punishment that the law has bestowed upon them.

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Did you notice any abuses of discretion or legal mistakes by judges during your trial? Did the trial judges misapply the rules of criminal procedure or were there wrong jury instructions? Was the trial jury unfair in the way it handled matters? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you need to take your phone and call us immediately so that our federal appeal lawyer can initiate the appeal process. At Brownstone, we specialize in appeal cases at the Virginia federal appeals attorneys and federal appellate courts in Virginia.  We also present appeals and petitions at the supreme court of the United States.  Our federal law firm dedicates all of its resources and finances in civil and criminal appeal cases in order to ensure that we deliver results to our clients. Contact us at 888-233-8895.

Contact the Clerk of Court for the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.  The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals handles cases from North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and South Carolina.

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