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Post Conviction Lawyers In Tampa Florida

Tampa Post-Conviction Lawyers

There are various reasons why you might be in need of a Tampa post-conviction lawyer. Also often referred to as an appellate attorney, our Tampa post-conviction attorneys will help take care of legal issues after you or a loved one has been unfairly convicted by a lower court. The duty of an appellate attorney is to analyze documents and trial records, and to then find ways to come up with an appeal for your case. They will then take the case before federal and state appellate courts in Tampa Florida. Post-conviction relief can be attained if you have an experienced Tampa appellate attorney backing you up. When you’re ready to file an appeal, call our experienced Tampa post conviction attorneys at (813) 428-8392.  Return to our post conviction and writ of habeas corpus in Florida page.

Contact our Tampa Florida Post-Conviction Attorneys (813) 428-8392.

The kind of post-conviction relief you seek can be one of several options. What you seek will of course depend on the circumstances surrounding your criminal conviction, as well as on the suggestions of your lawyer. You may seek release if you were incarcerated after conviction. Contact our Florida criminal post conviction lawyers (813) 428-8392Contact our lawyers by filing out the form.

You can also appeal for a new trial provided that you and your lawyer come up with good reasons for a retrial. You can also seek for a change or modification of the original sentence. These are the most common goals of appeals. You are, however, not limited to these options. It’s important that you consult with your lawyer regarding other matters of your appeal. Criminal writs and petitions for habeas corpus are appealed to the Florida Second District Court of Appeals.

Tampa Post Conviction and Habeas Corpus Motions

When looking for a Tampa post-conviction lawyer, you must ensure that you are hiring an attorney who understands the intricacies of appellate litigation. Remember, you may have just one chance for a re-trial or appeal, so it’s very important that you get the right lawyer the first time. He or she must have exceptional research skills, analytic prowess, broad knowledge about appellate practice, and of course experience. If your appellate lawyer has these characteristics, you have a good chance for a strong case that might get you out of your legal problems.

If you are based in Tampa and you are looking for an experienced Tampa post-conviction lawyer to help you out with your legal problems, the lawyers at Brownstone Law are here to help. Our Tampa post-conviction attorneys will make sure that you receive the appropriate legal attention that you need. If you think that the lower court that convicted you was wrong, we’ll help you seek justice, and correct the errors the lower court has made. We’ll analyze your documents and trial record from top to bottom to find ways on how to strengthen your case. Allow us to help you with your post-conviction appeals.

Florida Appellate courts where you file your appeal or trial courts where you file your post- conviction relief claim are always hesitant to set aside the previous sentence.

However, if you feel that you have been wrongly sentenced or convicted, you should take advantage of these legal remedies to explore a second chance at presenting your case effectively. Whether you are making an appeal or requesting post- conviction relief, it is imperative for you to be represented by an experienced and competent attorney who is familiar with these motions. Only then is your claim likely to meet with success because there are many complexities to overcome in these situations.

The process of post- conviction relief begins as soon as you have been convicted following your trial. In cases where a long sentence has been awarded but the underlying evidence does have its flaws, the chance of overturning the judgment or mitigating it are very high. However, it is also important for you to understand that post- conviction motions are seldom successful unless they are backed by strong supporting arguments that can only be made by an experienced attorney. Contact our post conviction law firm in Tampa Florida (813) 428-8392. 

Habeas Corpus Petitions in Tampa Florida

As a federal law firm, Brownstone’s federal appeal lawyers understand the significance of a federal appeal case. To say that your appeal is “significant” is an understatement. The day you decide to hire an appeal attorney is one of the most monumental days of your life. Everything rides on the outcome. Not only do our Tampa federal appeals attorneys understand that, but they take on your case with the same level of dedication that you do.

Contact our criminal appeals lawyers in Tampa Florida at (813) 428-8392.  Contact our post conviction lawyers Tampa Florida. We appeal habeas writs and post conviction motions under rule 3.850 to Florida Courts of Appeals.