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Federal Appeals Lawyers in North Dakota

Hawaii Federal Post-Conviction Lawyers

The Hawaii federal post-conviction appeals lawyers of the Brownstone federal crime defense litigation firm is composed of men and women possessing extensive knowledge of the Hawaii Penal Code, the Hawaii civil laws, rules and procedures coupled with their vast courtroom and post trial practice. We handle civil, criminal and post-conviction writs filed before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Federal Appellate Court and in the highest court of the land, the Supreme Court. Connect with our appeals lawyers in Hawaii at (888) 233-8895.

Hawaii Federal Habeas Corpus Attorneys

Litigating a civil, criminal or post-conviction writs requires intensive training and unbridled dedication to obtain the best possible outcome of the case. Our Hawaii post-conviction crime lawyers is the foremost leader when it comes to litigating habeas cases. In preparing their petition for habeas corpus briefs and other pleadings, they embarked on a strategy that would convince the appellate judge to overturn the lower court’s decision or obtain the best relief like reduction of sentence in their post-conviction case. They excelled in both civil, criminal and post-conviction writ cases.

The Hawaii post-conviction defense lawyers at Brownstone Law handle cases across Hawaii including Honolulu, Hilo and Pearl City. (888) 233-8895

Hawaii Habeas Corpus Writs

Once you receive the verdict or outcome of your court case, you need to contact our law firm to talk to one of our appeals attorneys to discuss the post conviction motion process and what you can expect once we file an writ on your behalf. The types of writ of habeas corpus cases we specialize in include civil, criminal, white collar, post-conviction, drug appeals, environmental, immigration appeals, and many others. To learn more about the types of appeals we handle at the federal level, you will need to talk to one of our federal crime defense attorneys today.

Convicted persons are allowed to file motions to vacate judgment or request a new trial on several grounds. These include an unconstitutional sentence, newly discovered evidence, an illegal judgment or ineffective counsel. It is also possible to challenge in case the trial court misapplied the rules of criminal or civil procedure.

Proof of the quality and status of our law firm can be obtained from the high number of convictions that we have managed to overturn or have significantly reduced sentence. We have also successfully represented our clients in the clemency and pardon board.

Motions for Post-Conviction in Federal Courts Hawaii

The firm focuses in post-conviction motions and appeals of criminal cases in Hawaii. Our Hawaii Post-Conviction Appeals attorneys file federal post-conviction motions such as writs of habeas corpus.

Post-conviction litigation is a complex criminal area of the law that may be available to people who have been convicted of a crime, after appeal rights have been exhausted. You may also qualify to withdraw your plea. A person convicted of a crime may file a Motion to Vacate Conviction or a motion to reduce sentence requesting a new trial or sentencing. There are various grounds to withdraw your plea or for Post-conviction grounds which include the following reasons:


Contact Brownstone Law’s Hawaii post-conviction federal criminal lawyers today and get on the path to getting your life back! Help is only a phone call away! (888) 233-8895