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Indiana Federal Post-Conviction Attorney

Indiana Federal Post-Conviction Attorney

Indiana Federal Post-Conviction Lawyers

While there is no doubt that in the eyes of law all men are in equal footing, there are instances when a party’s rights may seem to have been prejudiced by another such as in the case of an aggrieved party. Nevertheless though, the right to file for writs of habeas corpus is something that’s granted by the law and may be availed of by such losing party. Filing for post conviction motions though imply that one requires the services of Indiana habeas corpus federal lawyers, which Brownstone Law is exactly what is all about. This federal defense law firm is composed of dedicated and competent Indiana federal crime defense lawyers, federal criminal lawyers, federal sentencing attorneys, and such other federal crime attorneys you might need for your case. Call us at 317-793-3903.

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Regardless of the nature of your writs, you will nevertheless need the assistance of these Indiana post-conviction lawyers. Considering the intricate nature of petitions for post conviction under 2255 or 2254, a legal professional is who you need to represent you in this kind of lawsuit. This is true in cases of civil appeals, criminal appeals, and federal post trial motions filed in the court of jurisdiction of Indiana. Brownstone Law is known to have the best federal attorneys and the top federal lawyers. These qualifications may be credited to the years of experience of these legal professionals in the field of law.

Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

Aside from the petitions for post conviction, other legal reliefs may also be sought after by the Indiana post-conviction lawyers from Brownstone Law in your behalf. To name one, there is the motion to vacate final judgment concerning cases of drug manufacturing or drug possession. Contact our Indianapolis federal crime appeal lawyers today.

The mark of top Indiana post-conviction lawyers is its commitment to take difficult writs and cases. Across the state of Indiana and in Federal Court our criminal federal attorneys practice federal appeals and post-conviction motions. We take difficult writ of habeas corpus cases. We handle complex post-conviction relief motions. Our Indiana post-conviction lawyers are experienced in filing federal court appeals.

You have a limited amount of time to file a Post-Conviction Claim. In most cases a post-conviction relief motion must be filed under Rule 2255  and filed within 2 years of a conviction or the conclusion of an writ. The time period to file a motion starts to run from when the underlying or trial court case is final. This mean the time starts to run from the sentencing date or if a person files  post conviction motion in the case from the time the appeal is over.

There is a short time period to file a criminal writs in Indiana. Normally, the time period is 30 days from the date of a conviction or sentence. It is your right and it is an important and critical opportunity which should not be wasted. The federal criminal defense lawyers at our firm handle cases in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne.

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