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Montana Federal Post-Conviction Attorneys

Our Montana post-conviction relief lawyers from Brownstone are the best in handling and fighting a federal crime appeals. Pursuant to Article 3 of the Montana Revised Statutes chapter 403, our appellate lawyers can file an expedited criminal writ of habeas corpus. They have a grasp of the exigency of the situation as well as being armed with the required knowledge of the Montana Revised statutes on federal crimes which are necessary to win your writ of federal habeas corpus case. They are a team of men and women having vast experience in defending or pursuing any criminal or civil appeals. They enthusiastically accept each petition for post conviction relief case and treat each case as equally important and of utmost priority. They serve with candor, loyalty and sincerity to each of our clients.  Return to our main federal habeas corpus page to learn more about filing a 2255 motion or 2254 petition.

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Montana Federal Habeas Corpus Petitions

Our appellate lawyers understood the provisions of the Hague Convention and are experienced in federal criminal appeals in Montana involving the implementation or in any case, the defense against the enforcement of the Hague Convention. They are the best in the preparation of appellant’s or appellee’s briefs, as the case may be. They are top notched in doing oral arguments before the Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit Court or even before the Supreme Court. Taking a case and winning it is what drives each of our lawyers. They work with zeal in each case for they take pride in the success of each client’s case.

Montana Post-Conviction Relief Criminal Defense Lawyers

The federal criminal writ of habeas corpus case involves a lot of issues and the intricacies of each issue add up to the complexities of the case. But these things did not hinder our lawyers to perform at their best. Instead, each intricate issue are challenges which inspire our appellate lawyers to do more for the success of the case. Any objectionable points raised during the trial of a criminal case and even those points worth objecting to but were not raised in the hearing were utilized and argued to prove the main issue of the appeal. This will only show how good our federal crime appellate lawyers are.

Federal Habeas Corpus Petition Lawyers in Montana

Our Montana Post-Conviction Relief lawyers have experience in filing federal court post-conviction claims for inmates and defendants across the nation in every federal appellate court. Whether you are a defendant that wants to vacate a previous conviction or an inmate in prison, our attorneys can represent you on appeal. Brownstone Law represents clients seeking:


When it comes to fighting for your rights following a conviction or sentence, we make use of the most up to date case law, research and information. This ensures that our law firm focuses on the best arguments to present for each one of our clients. Appeals are often complicated, which is why it’s necessary to hire an federal crime attorney who specializes in appellate litigation. Call our Montana federal post-conviction relief attorneys to set up a consultation today.

If you need to talk about your criminal writ case and schedule and appointment, feel free to talk to our Montana Federal Post-Conviction Relief attorneyRobert Sirianni Jr. today.

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