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Montana Federal Appeals Lawyers

Federal Appeals Lawyers in Montana

Brownstone federal appellate law firm is dedicated to federal appeals in both civil and criminal cases. We practice in every Federal Court in the country. Our Montana federal appeal lawyers represent clients in a wide range of areas and legal disputes.

Contact our federal appeals lawyers in Montana (888) 233-8895.

Our law firm is nationally recognized for our legal services within the federal courts of appeal. The appellate team at Brownstone represents some of the largest businesses in the country before all the federal courts of appeal. Return to our federal appeals lawyers page.

Montana Federal Appellate Litigation

The federal appeal issues we handle are challenging and complex. The Montana federal appeal lawyers at Brownstone are 100% devoted to civil and criminal appellate matters. We aim to increase our clients’ chance of winning by preparing powerful arguments, persuasive briefs, and effective oral presentations before the Federal Appeals Courts.

Our skillful team of Montana federal lawyers handles appeals related to business and commercial litigation. In some cases, the trial judge makes a mistake and an appeal is necessary. You are granted the right to appeal to a higher court against your sentencing or conviction. Winning the appeal brings the case back to the trial court and forces it to make a decision based on the instructions passed by the court of appeals.

Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys in Montana

If you feel during the trial that you are going to be sentenced or convicted and seek our services to represent you in appeal, the best approach is to contact us so we can discuss the case with your trial counsel and ensure that every issue related to your case has been covered during the trial and saved for the appellate process. We can also discuss filing a habeas petition or writ.

If you have been convicted or sentenced, it is imperative that you file a notice of appeal within the prescribed time limit. Consult our Montana federal criminal appeal lawyers so that an appeal can be filed on your behalf promptly in federal court. We handle federal appeals in Montana and the United States Supreme Court. If you are looking to retain our services, fill in the short form so that we can analyze your case for no fee. We will pragmatically deliberate over the information related to the case and contact you within 24 hours.

Experienced Federal Appellate Litigation

Appeals in Criminal Cases are based on decisions of the judge to admit witnesses or to allow some item of evidence to be introduced by a party. The objection serves as the basis for the appeal. Our Montana Federal Appeal Lawyers in Montana provide the best possible representation to federal criminal defendants facing complex and difficult issues on appeal. The Montana Federal Appeal Lawyers at our firm handle federal cases and appeals across the nation. We are often retained to appeal criminal convictions in Montana and federal court to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Montana Appeal Lawyers at our firm are dedicated to appellate cases and overturning criminal cases, such as RICO, drugs, white collar crime, trafficking, felony cases, drug manufacturing, drug possession, and other crimes.

The Montana Federal Lawyers at Brownstone Law are ready to review your case and to determine the best route to take towards a winning appeal. Contact our lawyers at 1-888-233-8895 to set up a consultation