Appeal Lawyers In Clearwater Florida

Appeal Lawyers In Clearwater Florida

Clearwater Appeals Lawyers

The Clearwater lawyers of Brownstone, P.A. are experienced appeals court attorneys. Our lawyers know that appellate cases are often more complex that trial law cases. Our Clearwater appeal lawyers are experienced appellate lawyers who work in both criminal and civil cases. They excel in the preparation of appellate briefs and are skilled at the oral argument process involved in appealing a criminal or civil case. Our Clearwater appeal lawyers have excellent legal research and writing skills and can help you get the best results.

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Criminal appeals in Clearwater Florida

Among the criminal cases that our Clearwater appeal lawyers handle are federal mail and wire fraud cases. Any kind of communication used in the commission of a fraudulent crime is an additional crime in itself. This includes fax, email, wire transfers, phone calls, Internet communication, and regular mail. Depending on the format, these are classified as either mail or wire fraud. Such acts can come with a penalty of 20-30 years imprisonment. If you are facing such a case at the trial or appellate levels, seek out an experienced federal criminal defense attorney.

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Civil Appeals in Clearwater Florida

The civil cases handled by our Clearwater appeal lawyers include medical malpractice suits, environmental litigation, business law, labor law, foreclosures, and intellectual property rights disputes, among others. In civil cases we offer both defense and prosecutorial services. All appeals in Clearwater start in the Pasco County and Pinellas County Clerk of Courts. We can offer you sophisticated appeals work, with the experience to back it up. Our Clearwater Appeal Lawyers have argued hundreds of cases in front of state and federal courts across Florida. Our criminal appeals lawyers also handle Florida post conviction motions.

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After assessing you case, we can better understand how to help you with your legal concerns. If you feel like you are the underdog, Brownstone is the place to turn for legal counsel that will make the difference.

An individual charged with and convicted of a crime in Clearwater possesses the right to appeal her or his conviction. In addition, a convicted individual possesses a right to a lawyer on appeal. Contact our Clearwater Lawyers today.  Clearwater appeals start by filing a notice of appeals in the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida.

Criminal Appeal Lawyers Clearwater Florida

In Clearwater, unrelated to the process of direct appeals, an individual confined in jail or prison pursuant to one final felony conviction may search for federal habeas corpus relief underneath Art. 3.850 sec. three (et seq., C.Cr.P. Somebody ‘confined’ by a term of community service or probation, whether completely served out or actively serving, may challenge the conviction via a proceeding for habeas corpus underneath Art.3.850) Utilizing the example laid out in the aforementioned paragraph on the process of direct appeals, if the attorney does not interview a witnesses and/or does not call the witness to testify in trial and a defendant is convicted, due to the reason the attorney didn’t call on the witnesses in trial will appear outside the trial record, a claim that an attorney’s action will constitute ineffective aid of counsel ought to be raised within a proceeding for habeas corpus subsequent underneath either 3.850 or 3.800, F.R.Crim.Pro

The Florida civil appeals lawyers at Brownstone represent both individuals and businesses. Over the years we have represented individuals, small corporations, and major companies in Florida before the federal courts of appeal. Our clients in Clearwater know they can count on our firm to provide the best legal services on appeal. We develop and create solutions for our clients and create confidence on appeal. The civil appeals team at Brownstone handles cases nationwide and throughout the state. Contact our Florida appeal attorney’s today!

Looking for help with filing an appeal in Clearwater? Then stop searching and come to Brownstone Law. Brownstone Law is one of the unique appellate law firms in America and is known to have one of the most successful track records in appellate cases.

Brownstone’s name is associated with excellence and nothing less. Our appeals lawyers are highly experienced and are well aware of the fact that appellate law can be confusing for the average person. That is why they take special efforts to help clients understand how appellate law works. They spend time with the clients to develop briefs that are effective and capable of succeeding in the appellate courts.

Apart from developing strong briefs, our appeals lawyers are also brilliant when it comes to making an oral argument. Their skills and high level of expertise have helped every client who has walked through the doors of Brownstone Law.

Our appeals lawyers deal with an extensive range of cases on a regular basis. However, they have a specialization in handling federal mail and wire fraud cases too. Such cases involve the use of communication tools for committing a crime. Unfortunately, many innocent people are convicted of such crimes and are sentenced to hard punishments. Brownstone’s appeals lawyers have helped many such clients find justice.

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Other typical appeals cases handled by our appellate attorneys include intellectual property rights dispute, labor law, foreclosures, environmental litigation, medical malpractice, and much more.

If you are a citizen of Clearwater who has been wrongly convicted of a crime, please contact Brownstone Law immediately for any assistance in filing an appeal. Stop wasting time and make use of the right that has been provided to you by the U.S. Constitution.

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