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Georgia Appeals are not just another legal procedure, they are all together a different set of laws that come into play even before you file for an appeal. Georgia Appellate Lawyers practice before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeal as well as the United States Supreme Court. Our clients trust us before any other firm because we provide the best results. We analyze the trial court verdict and appeal on legal issues before the appellate court. We work with and for our clients. We work towards getting relief for our client. Connect with our appeals lawyers in Georgia 1-888-233-8895.

Appeals at Columbus Georgia Appellate Lawyers

Georgia Appellate Lawyers handle all kinds of civil and criminal appeals. We file petitions and appeals before the United States Supreme Court as well as the federal courts. We represent our client before every appellate court going where would serve our clients interests. Our compelling argument and convincing briefs help us win cases.

Attorneys at our firm put forward strong arguments before the court for our clients. We argument help evolve the law as we argue precedent-setting cases. We handle all types of appeals. We work closely with trial court counsels so that we are able to evolve a great legal strategy. Return to our Georgia Appeal Lawyer page.

Columbus Georgia Criminal Appeals Attorneys

Our Georgia Appellate Lawyers are the sought after for appeals because of our team. Our team is comprised of former law clerks, members of the Order of Coif, and former prosecutors. They together form a success formula. Columbus Georgia Criminal Appellate Lawyers have some of the most experienced attorneys in the nation. We serve our clients in many ways as we are licensed in every federal court of appeal in the country.  The appeals lawyers also handle post conviction motions in Georgia.

 Appeals in Georgia

Our Georgia Appellate Lawyers have the latest docketing systems and management software to reduce costs for our clients and to streamline the work. Our appeal lawyers work as a team. We take creative approach to our arguments so that they become novel and more convincing. Each client in Columbus Georgia benefits from our approach to appellate litigation in federal courts.

Other kinds of cases our lawyers handle are civil cases surrounding custody and divorce law, medical malpractice, labor law, intellectual property rights, healthcare litigation, and environmental law. We also handle an assortment of fraud cases, including insurance fraud, insider trading, embezzlement, and RICO violations. Our Columbus federal lawyers are appeals specialists who can help you navigate any of these systems but it is important that you contact us right away. The majority of cases have a time limit on when an appeal may be filed.

Contact the Columbus offices of Brownstone today for your free consultation. Our Columbus federal appellate lawyers will discuss your appeal and begin researching the legal avenues available today. Let us work for you.

It is worth noting that white collar crimes can carry heavy penalties. The federal sentencing uses a certain strategy to calculate the penalties to pay by the party that commits the crimes. In most cases, entities that are found guilty of exploitation for criminal purposes are charged penalties equal to their total assets. White collar crime attorneys are professionals who specialize in these type of crimes. It is always important to hire their services in case you are facing any type of criminal charges.

Georgia Appellate litigation is an often complex process that requires the experience of an appeal attorney in Georgia. Because our law firm works solely on appeal cases, we understand the intricate details that go into creating a strategy and argument for appealing your Georgia criminal conviction or sentence. We argue difficult cases in Columbus GA and precedent setting cases. Our criminal appeals lawyers in Georgia have a track record of success. Clients choose Brownstone because have proven results in high-stakes cases.  Federal appeals in Georgia start at the Columbus Georgia federal district court.

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