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Savannah Georgia Appeal Lawyers

Our firm takes cases to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit and the United States Supreme Court. The Savannah appeals lawyers at Brownstone combine appellate experience with substantive knowledge to our clients. This makes us a very effective appellate advocacy firm. Our Savannah appeals lawyers can appear before the U.S. Supreme Court, federal circuit courts of appeal, and state appellate courts throughout the United States.

We can argue precedent-setting cases, and our firm may handle cases in all areas of criminal law, constitutional law, environmental law, intellectual property, anti-trust, oil and gas, securities, insurance, white collar crime, the False Claims Act, and the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.

Connect with our appeals attorneys in Savannah Georgia at 888-233-8895.

There is a vast difference between the job description of an appellate attorney and a trial attorney. Brownstone’s Georgia appeal attorneys have spent a number of years handling appeals, creating powerful briefs, and presenting strong arguments in federal and state appeals throughout the state of Georgia.

We can handle civil appeal issues in Georgia Courts, related to:


Savannah GA Criminal Appeal Attorneys

The firm can also handle criminal appeals and habeas corpus petitions in Savannah Georgia. We represent international clients in complex RICO, securities, drugs, trafficking, embezzlement, antitrust, economic, and Ponzi schemes.

Contact our federal crime appeal lawyers to review your appeal at the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeal or United States Supreme Court.  Federal appeals in Georgia start at the Southern District of Georgia which is located in Savannah GA.

Our firm represents hundreds of clients each year on appeal. Our firm is unique because we devote our attention solely on appeals before the federal courts. The firm’s attorneys have unparalleled experience and success before the courts of appeal and have litigated some of the most significant appellate cases for our clients.

We have experience on a wide variety of legal issues, having handled high-profile matters for businesses and individuals. Connect with the criminal appeals attorneys in Georgia at 888-233-8895.

Savannah Appellate Law in Georgia

Brownstone Law is an appeals law firm in Savannah GA that specializes in appeals ranging from civil appeals, criminal appeals, to nationwide appeals. The extensive experience of the appeals lawyers and appellate attorneys forming part of this law firm makes it an establishment for persons seeking for appellate lawyers to represent them in the court of law in Georgia, and in the many other different states for that matter.

Lawyers of Brownstone Law possess such substantive and extensive knowledge of law and procedures, which serve as a guarantee for the kind of legal services they offer. Contact our Savannah appeals lawyers today to discuss your case.  Our criminal appeals lawyers also handle post conviction motion in Georgia.

Experienced Savannah Appeals Lawyers

If you are a part involved in a case regarding issues of immigration, then you may search for relief in the form of an immigration appeal. In this case, our appellate lawyers can help bring you justice. An Savannah Georgia appeal lawyer has the capacity to represent you in your deportation appeal, Immigration enforcement appeal, or federal immigration appeals.

Know that your appeal may be all you need to escape federal deportations under legit solutions. Contact Savannah appeals lawyers to schedule your free initial consultation. Our Georgia appeals attorneys also handle Savannah civil and criminal appeals, and are ready to review your case to help you receive the justice you deserve following your trial.

Recent Georgia Court of Appeals Opinions

Reid v. State of Georgia (2018)

Case No. A17A1707

direct appeal in Georgia from a judgment of conviction and sentence entered on a guilty plea is only available if the issue on appeal in Georgia can be resolved by reference to facts on the record. The ability to decide the appeal based on the existing record thus becomes the deciding factor in determining the availability of an out-of-time appeal when the defendant has pled guilty.

Issues regarding the effectiveness of counsel [regarding failure to pursue a direct appeal] are not reached unless the requirement that the appeal [can] be resolved by reference to facts on the record is met.  Read more about a belated appeal process in GeorgiaGeorgia Criminal Appeals

Appellate Courts in Savannah Georgia.

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