Appeals Lawyers in Chattanooga

Appeals Lawyers in Chattanooga

Chattanooga Appeals Attorneys

Once your trial has ended with an unfavorable ruling, you may feel like the law had been applied to your case incorrectly. If you feel this, you need to file an appeal in Tennessee Courts of Appeals and get our case before an Tennessee appellate judge to be reviewed for procedural errors. Appellate law requires a unique knowledge in order to protect your rights and uncover what may be stopping your from winning your case. Brownstone Law handles civil appeals and criminal appeals in Tennessee.

The judge needs to see the pertinent facts of your case and the procedures that were followed. Filing the paperwork is time consuming and somewhat daunting. You need to find Chattanooga  appeal attorneys who is experienced in appeals. Return to our Tennessee appellate lawyer page.

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Appellate Lawyers Chattanooga Tennessee

The variance between Tennessee State and Federal Appellate courts is noteworthy. The procedures needed for an appeal and the mechanics of the court system make it challenging for an individual to file an appeal on their own.  Procedural review is needed by the judge. The judge will review the material and procedural mistakes presented by the Tennessee criminal appellate attorney.  Some appeals  in Tennessee proceed from the Chattanooga Tennessee City Court of Appeals to the Circuit Court level. Your goal is to have your findings overturned. Brownstone Law’s Chattanooga  appeal attorneys are there to protect your rights and make sure you receive fair and equitable representation.

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Brownstone Law attorneys are appeals attorneys for Tennessee and at home in both the State and Federal Appellate court systems, including the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals for the United States. We handle a variety of appeals both civil and criminal including white collar crime, criminal defense, family law, DUI appeals, drug appeals, intellectual property, and much more.

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Chattanooga Tennessee Criminal Appeals Lawyers

Brownstone Law will guide you and give you an understanding of your rights during the Tennessee criminal appeal process. Don’t let your case stand with the current ruling for long, there are time limits for filing an appeal in Tennessee.  Talk to the Chattanooga  appeal attorneys at Brownstone today and put your mind at ease. The initial consultation is free.

The towns and cities surrounding Chattanooga are served by the Tennessee procedures for the Appellate Court. Therefore, it is necessary to have Chattanooga  criminal appeal attorneys that understand the local procedures, are focused on the appeals process and understand the different types of cases that can be brought before the court. Brownstone Law, with its local legal knowledge and its appeals experience in Tennessee Appellate Courts is just the firm to help you with your case. Do not hesitate to contact Brownstone Law. Years of experience will comfort you on your first phone call.


During any pre-trial or trial case, court procedures can get implemented incorrectly. An unfavorable ruling is not what you want. You have the right to have the case procedures reviewed before the Appeals Court judge.  Whether the case is civil, business, family, drug related, medicinal, white collar or any other type case, there are times when serious mistakes are made on how the law is applied to your case. Brownstone Law’s Chattanooga  appeal attorneys will uncover these errors and bring them before the court. If the judge rules that the errors occurred your ruling will be overturned.

Appeals cases may be in criminal appeals, family law, civil appeals, environmental law, criminal law, business, land law, medical and the list continues. Brownstone Law can help you with your case. Remember this is not a re-trial and no new evidence will be brought into the appeal but all pertinent information for your case will be presented along with the procedures.

Our Chattanooga  appeal attorneys are ready to review your case. We will look over your situation to determine the options you have available to you, and which options we believe will help you reach you.

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Brownstone Law is an appeal law firm backed up by a team of appeals lawyers, federal appellate attorneys, and appellate lawyers, competent to represent you in your appeals cases in the jurisdiction of Chattanooga . Since Brownstone Law has first offered its legal services to countless of clients, it has earned its reputation of being one of the best appeal law firms in town. Their roster of appellate Chattanooga  appeal lawyers handle different kinds of appeals such as civil appeals, criminal appeals, and national appeals or appeals in Tennessee.

Appeals partake the nature of a more intricate court action. Unlike ordinary civil or criminal actions, appeals require the expertise of the appellate attorneys both in the substantive and procedural aspects of the law. For instance, if you are one who intends to avail of his or her right to appeal, the role of the appeals lawyers whom you seek assistance from is to make sure that you file on time, and under valid grounds as indicated in the law. It is important to know that though appeals are granted as a matter of right, it is nevertheless subject to the rules of law, and the rules of court as well.

Being a post-conviction court action, appeals are filed by parties losing in a litigation. While the law favors no one, there are situations when one’s rights are prejudiced as the other is given more weight; thus, calling for the availing your right to a Rule 45 post-conviction relief in Tennessee such as that of an appeal. There are also other petition for post-conviction relief  in Tennessee in other forms, and in that sanctioned by the laws and the rules of court. These reliefs though may only be determinable by legal professionals such as our Chattanooga  appeal lawyers.

If someone you love or you have been convicted of or pleaded guilty to a crime within federal court, you might believe there aren’t any further options. However, even after a court trial, a convicted individual possesses the right to have the performance of their trial evaluated by a higher court for constitution, law and procedure compliance. Read more about the federal appeals process by the Chattanooga Tennessee Federal District Court civil and criminal process. But, the process for appeals is different from the difficulties which trial lawyers usually face. Even skilled trial attorneys oftentimes have just limited exposure to the process of appeals. That’s why Brownstone Law’s Chattanooga  civil appeals lawyers provide people a reliable resource for competent representation within appellate matters.

A Federal Court of Appeals does not hear new testimony or obtain new evidence. What they will do is hear oral and written arguments from experienced Chattanooga criminal appeals attorneys as to why the trial’s conduct violated law, procedure, or the Constitutional rights of a convicted individual — and why, had this conduct not happened, the outcome of a trial might have likely been very different. If the appeals court concurs, it may order a new trial and correct a lower court’s findings to conform to law or, within a few instances, overturn the conviction.

We handle all types of Tennessee appeal cases including insurance fraud, medicare fraud, child custody, immigration, intellectual property, tax evasion, and much more. We gather all the necessary facts and documents regarding your case so we can create a strong and compelling argument to present in any federal criminal appeals court across the nation including the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Our Chattanooga appeals lawyers are ready to review your case today. We will determine what options are available to you and which one will give you the outcome you deserve. Set up a consultation by calling us today.

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