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Brownstone is an appellate law firm devoted entirely to Tennessee appeals law in both the civil and criminal courts, including those in Memphis. We know that sometimes the courts get it wrong, and we want to help you achieve justice. Our Tennessee appeal lawyers have argued hundreds of cases in front of the state and federal courts, making them extremely prepared to take on your case. Contact our Memphis appeal lawyer today at 1-(901) 584-0414.

Our Tennessee appellate law firm is full of dedicated and very experienced attorneys, including former law clerks and a wide range of staff that has extensive appellate experience in state courts, including Tennessee. We can represent clients facing complex appeals before the United States Supreme Court, the State Courts of Appeals, administrative agencies and state appellate courts. Return to our main Tennessee appeal attorney page. Connect with our appeals lawyers in Memphis Tennessee (901) 584-0414. Fill out the contact form to discuss your appeal.

Criminal Appeals Attorneys in Memphis Tennessee

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor and you want to appeal your case, Brownstone can help you. When it comes to criminal appeals cases, we work exclusively as defenders. Contact us right away if you have been charged with a DUI, petit-theft, drug possession, or cannabis possession. We can help you with the appeals proceedings in all of these cases and more. If you feel that inadmissible evidence was used at trial or that there was some other procedural error, we can review the records of your trial. Our Memphis appeal lawyer can help you appeal your case. We have had significant successes in getting our clients’ conviction reduced or overturned.  The appeals lawyers at our firm also handle post conviction motions for habeas corpus in Tennessee.

When it comes to appeals in Memphis Tennessee, we are devoted to our clients and delivering results that matter. Each case is tailored to the client’s objectives. We come prepared and ready to win, putting together the best possible arguments on appeal for our clients.

At Brownstone’s Memphis offices, we also specialize in civil law cases. In civil law cases we both defend and prosecute. We can help you appeal cases in labor law, business law, environmental litigation, foreclosures, healthcare litigation, white-collar crime, and more. We are knowledgeable in the Tennessee Rules Appellate Procedure. Our criminal appellate lawyers in Memphis have experience arguing in all of the state courts of appeals and can represent you in the Tennessee Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court as well.

Contact our Memphis appeal lawyer today for a free consultation (901) 584-0414.

At Brownstone, we are client focused and this means we offer flexible appointment scheduling and individual payment plans for our flat rate work. Let us help you achieve justice in the Tennessee courts of appeals. Appeals in Memphis start at the Shelby County Court of Appeals and proceed to the Tennessee Appellate Court.

We have handled a multitude of complex state and federal appeals, including but not limited to racketeering crimes, securities, business torts, contract issues, construction, and environmental related cases. Our team of knowledgeable civil appeals attorneys and law clerks diligently serve individuals, small businesses, and corporations, equally, with leading-edge legal service and representation.

Memphis Appeal Lawyers

As dedicated appellate lawyers, we represent clients in all stages of the appeals process, utilizing spearheading litigation strategies in both the state criminal appeals court and the federal supreme court. We can work closely with trial attorneys, scrutinizing the details and procedures of your trial. Every appeal won on the state or federal level modifies law. The appeal cases in Memphis proceed to the Shelby County Courthouse

Our lawyers keenly stay abreast of ever-changing laws in Tennessee and throughout the country. Our law firm is led by appeals attorney Robert Sirianni who handles the cases in Tennessee Appellate Courts. We conduct intensive research and review of our client’s cases, strategically and fiercely litigating on their behalf.

Appeal Attorneys Memphis Tennessee

There are a number of reasons why someone would need to file an appeal. Normally, appellate reasoning has to do with evidence which was admitted improperly, or admission of improper statements made by the police officers or prosecutors which inhibited a defendant’s right to a fair trial. For example, if the officer mentioned that a defendant requested an attorney, then this is an improper comment on his fifth amendment right. In addition, if the judge allowed the admission of evidence of an improperly obtained confession, or improperly obtained items from a search warrant, then this will also serve as grounds for the appeal. Contact our Memphis appeal lawyers at 1-(901) 584-0414 to see what we can do for you today. Connect with the Memphis Tennessee Clerk of Court to review your case.

Brownstone’s Memphis appeal lawyers have significant experience in federal and state appellate courts. The firm handles the following areas in Tennessee:

  • Criminal
  • Civil
  • Family Law
  • Business Appeals
  • Estate Appeals
  • Probate Appeals
  • Property Appeals
  • Constitutional Issues
  • Writs
  • Habeas Petitions
  • Post-Conviction

Appeals in Memphis Tennessee

Memphis Tennessee appellate court legal systems have different procedures for filing an appeal. The judge’s role is to determine whether or not there is a need to reverse a ruling. The judge reviews the case facts and listens to the attorney as they present previous trial procedural flaws. The goal of your appeal is to make sure your rights are protected and that you have received fair and equitable representation before the court. Brownstone Law is there to aid you in this process. Contact our Memphis appeal lawyers for a free consultation at 1-(901) 584-0414.

Memphis Appeal Attorneys

Memphis Appeal Attorneys