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Appeals Lawyers in Amarillo Texas

The combined experience of our Amarillo appellate team means we provide the experienced appeal services for our clients. We have a diverse client base in Texas. The appellate lawyers at the Law Office of Robert Sirianni handle civil appeals, appeals of investment issues, and appeals of major business litigation cases. Contact one of our appeal lawyers to review your case.

Federal Criminal Appeals for Amarillo Texas

Our appellate law firm for Texas federal cases also handles criminal appeals, and post conviction motions 11.07 in Texas. Our appellate lawyers in Texas handle drug appeals, drug conviction appeals, white collar crime, drug trafficking appeals, drug transportation appeals, drug cultivation appeals, and drug manufacturing. We represent clients on appeal before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal. We also appeal cases to the United States Supreme Court and complex federal appeals in Texas.

Our firm provides the most recent case law research, which allows us to focus on creating a strong argument on appeal. When it comes to appellate litigation, finding the right attorney makes all the difference. Since our attorneys focus on appeals, we understand the intricate details regarding criminal appeals, civil appeals, Texas post-conviction motions, and more.

Our Texas federal appeal lawyers are ready to review your case and to determine what options are available to you the best approach to take towards winning your appeal. Set up a consultation today with one of our appellate attorneys by calling us today. Our firm has the ability to practice in Laredo, Arlington, Waco, Houston, Amarillo, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Lubbock, Brownsville, El Paso and Plano.

Appeals Lawyers in Amarillo Texas

Federal Appeals in Amarillo Texas

In the state of Texas the federal, civil or criminal appeals process complexity warrants a strong, experienced appeals attorney in order for a case to be presented before the judge. The Law Office of Robert Sirianni has appeals lawyers that take the relevant portion of your court file and the procedures, review them for procedural accuracy and if it is determined that an appeal is needed, get that appeal into the court system and before a judge. Appeals in Amarillo originate in Potter County Courts of Appeals and proceed to the Texas District Courts of Appeal.

Your rights need to be protected and you deserve to have your case handled properly. Calling our law office is easy, your initial consultation is free and it will give you the opportunity to see if you can change the outcome of your case. Our appeals attorneys have years of experience and they are focused on appeals law.

We have dedicated appeals attorneys that maintain the desire to win an argument on appeal, to help you reach your goals following an unfavorable conviction or sentence. When it comes to appellate litigation, it’s important to hire an attorney who is skilled in appeals. At the Law Office of Robert Sirianni, we focus solely on appeals, giving you the maximum chance of winning your appeal case. Some of the cases that we can appeal on behalf of our corporate clients include trademark and copyright infringement, false medical claims, insurance fraud, property ownership appeals, tax evasion, drug importation and environmental law appeals. Our lawyers are also experienced in filing petitions at the Supreme Court on behalf of individuals. Such petitions include drug trafficking, divorce, child custody, alimony, immigration and appeals as a result of criminal negligence in the practice of medicine.

Amarillo Texas Appellate Lawyers

Are you looking for appellate lawyers in Amarillo? If yes, then it’s about time you get in touch with Brownstone Law. Brownstone Law is one of the top appellate law firms in Amarillo and is home to a fine bunch of seasoned appellate lawyers.

Our appellate lawyers have worked on some of the toughest and complicated cases in the history of appellate law. This includes cases ranging from commercial litigation to your usual civil litigation. Brownstone’s Texas appellate lawyers have also worked with cases related to drug trafficking, divorce, tax evasion, environmental law, alimony, and child custody.

This has allowed our appellate lawyers to acquire a detailed level of knowledge, especially with regard to the legal processes involved at appellate courts.

Brownstone’s appellate lawyers have represented several clients in the past. Some of these clients include large business corporations and even, influential men and women. Brownstone’s lawyers possess a thorough understanding of how appellate law works and this has helped them deliver the exact results that clients expect from them.

Why You Should Contact an Texas Appeals Attorney

You don’t need a trial court attorney in Texas to file an appeal because they may not keep up to date on all the latest changes in the statutes and cases that may be relevant to your case. You need to talk to one of our experienced appeals attorneys in Amarillo Texas to find any mistakes that occurred during your trial, evidence presented or any other flaw that occurred. You need to keep in mind that an Texas appeal is here to review your case; it’s not another trial. There is also a certain time limit that you are able to file your appeal case in Texas according to the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure, so contact us today. You have the right to appeal the outcome of your case, and we have the experience, education, and success rate to prove that we can help you with your appeal.

Our appellate lawyers in Amarillo Texas have assisted clients at every level of the appeals process and their commitment to finding justice for their clients is unrivalled.

When it comes to filing appeals, it is necessary that you hire an appellate lawyer who has the right mix of expertise and knowledge of appellate law and appellate courts. With Brownstone Law, you will never have to worry about these basic requirements.

Brownstone’s appellate lawyers are well versed with even the most intricate details of appellate law.

If you are a resident of Amarillo and are looking for reliable appellate lawyers, please contact Brownstone Law at 888-233-8895 for assistance with appeals.

Courts of Appeal for Amarillo Texas