Albuquerque Police Shoot Homeless Man After Five-Hour Standoff

In a case that has sparked national attention, officers responded to a scene that involved a mentally disturbed homeless man and ended in his killing. A criminal appeals lawyer in New Mexico explains the facts of the case and why Albuquerque police are receiving scrutiny from the federal government.

The Alleged Circumstances Behind the Shooting
As a criminal appeals attorney in New Mexico discusses, news reports claim that James Boyd, a mentally impaired homeless man was apparently trying to camp in the Albuquerque foothills after several homeless shelters closed. He was allegedly armed with two camping knives. Police became involved and negotiated with Boyd for five hours. Boyd was apparently camped in an illegal site and police had secured his agreement to leave. However, it appears a police grenade went off. In the struggle, Boyd was shot in the back and mortally wounded. The event was captured on video which has since gone viral.

Why the Federal Government May Now Oversee the Albuquerque Police Department
The Albuquerque police department had already received negative attention due to the high rate of police shootings resulting in death. One report states that there have been 26 fatal police shootings in that city since 2010. That’s higher per capita than New York and Chicago. As a result, the federal government is nearing the close of a deal that would put the department under federal oversight. Some claim that the Albuquerque P.D. may require an overhaul in the way in trains officers in the way they respond to critical incidents. The department has been targeted by protesters and increasing calls for change in light of these recent shootings.

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