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Appeals Courts Will Rule On Proposed Texas Abortion Laws

appellate attorneyJust like all accused criminals have the right to appeal charges, courts and legal entities can also appeal court proceedings that may affect social and political issues. Of course, nearly all appeals of this nature involve controversial proceedings — and the issue that will be heard in Texas courts is no exception. What is it? 

“A federal appeals court has scheduled oral arguments about the constitutionality of Texas’ tough new abortion law for the first week of January, setting up a rapid timeline that may accelerate the case’s expected trip to the U.S. Supreme Court,” a Nov. 4 The Houston Chronicle article reports.

Texas Courts May Make Critical Decisions On The Most Controversial Issue Yet
You may have thought that things got heated when Hobby Lobby famously blocked women from using company dollars for several different forms of birth control, citing religious grounds. Now, some Texas lawmakers are attempting to shut down state abortion clinics. Pro-life groups are, predictably, the most likely advocates of the new laws severely limiting — and, in most cases, even potentially closing — local abortion facilities. Surprisingly, the proposed laws have gotten an overwhelming amount of support. Pro-choice groups and healthcare professionals have turned to appellate attorneys and federal appeals lawyers to ultimately overturn the proposed legislation.

How Will The Appeals Process Work?
The U.S. Court Of Appeals, or the federal circuit court, consists of 13 separate parts or courts, and, on average, these courts will review more than 10,000 cases per term. Similar laws attempting to ban some abortions in New Orleans have already been turned down. Advocates of the Texas law are hopeful, however. As of yet, the courts have not explicitly stated that they believe the Texas laws to be unconstitutional. The courts did, on the other hand, make certain that abortion clinics and providers remained available while U.S. courts, appeal lawyers, appeal law firms, and top appeal attorneys work out a final decision.

The appeals process, whether it involves the U.S. Supreme Court, top appellate attorneys, or both, can be extremely complicated — and the proposed Texas abortion laws and the ongoing debate prove it.

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