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Brock Butson Colorado Crime Case

Family Ties in the Brock Buston Case

A Colorado man, Brock Butson, has recently redefined the term “questionable parenting methods. The father of two is spending Christmas behind bars this year and, thanks to his parenting techniques, so are his sons. All three men have been convicted for their respective part in seven separate bank robberies this past year. From May until September of the past year the trio went on a bank-robbing rampage throughout the Colorado Springs and Monument areas. The boys mother and the mans ex-wife reports told KRDO News Channel 13 that Brock introduced his son Braden to drugs when he was 14 years old. Despite her attempts to get the boys away from Brock, they continued to see him. I tried everything to get the boys away from him, but they just kept going back.

Brock Butson

Family Ties in the Brock Buston CaseBrock is a 51-year-old Colorado Springs man who was convicted in July of 2014 on three counts of indecent exposure for exposing himself to little girls. For this crime he was sentenced to 18 months in jail for each count, totaling a consecutive 54 months in jail. He has been accused of masterminding each of the trios seven successful bank robberies and one attempted robbery. Brock drove the getaway car during each of the heists. He was sentenced to 24 years per holdup for the seven robberies and one attempt. All told, he will be serving 192 years, which wont start to add up until his 54 months for indecent exposure are completed. Brocks ex-girlfriend, Linda Summers, told Judge Robert Lowrey that Brocks need for pain medication drove him to commit these robberies, He had physical ailments and his doctor took him off medication so that he wouldnt become addicted, (but) didnt give him anything in its place.

Nicolas and Braden Butson

While Brock waited in the car, Nicolas and Braden took turns robbing the various banks. Nicolas is three years younger than Braden but almost a full foot taller. Nicolas’ height is 6’10” while Braden is about 62. One of the reasons officers suspected that more than one person was involved were the conflicting heights being reported by witnesses. At the time of their arrest, Braden was 23 years old and Nicolas was 20. The boys were charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery, and attempted robbery. Neither of the boys used any weapons during the robberies.

The Arrest

The group was finally caught when officers received a tip describing the car they would probably be driving. The three were arrested at the Travel Star Inn on South Nevada Avenue on Christmas Eve, 2013. After receiving the tip describing the car, a detective driving by the Inn noticed the car and the arrest was made shortly after. While Brock will be spending the next 192 years in jail, his sons sat in jail awaiting their sentences. In November of 2014 Braden Butson pleaded guilty to two counts of felony robbery and was sentenced to six years in prison. Nicolas pleaded guilty as well and now awaits his sentencing phase.

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