Court Rules That Jodi Arias May Still Face Death Penalty

The lawyers for Jodi Arias have lost their attempt to have the death penalty removed from the table of options for her sentencing. An Arizona federal appeals lawyer explains the basis for the defense’s request and what’s next for Arias.

Recent Developments in the Jodi Arias Case
As a Arizona federal appeals attorney discusses, Jodi Arias was convicted of murdering her boyfriend last year in a case that has been on the covers of tabloids and in worldwide news for months. Ms. Arias originally plead self-defense, but a jury found her guilty. However, the jury in the original trial was unable to agree on a sentence. The prosecution seeks the death penalty.

The Latest Strategy by the Defense
Lawyers for Ms. Arias have tried to have the death penalty removed from consideration because they claim a defense aide was barred from seeing Ms. Arias in preparation for the penalty phase of her trial. As a federal appeals lawyer explains, the defense aid was a mitigation specialist. Her task would have been to help develop an argument that there were mitigating circumstances in the case that would, as the theory would likely go, explain her actions or make her more sympathetic and perhaps persuade a jury to give her a lesser sentence. Allegedly, the aide improperly removed a picture Arias made from jail and was thus banned from seeing her again.

The Next Step
With this ruling, the sentencing phase of the trial can go forward and the prosecution will still be able to request the death penalty. The prosecution can present the penalty question to a new jury. If that jury fails to come to a decision, the death penalty would no longer be an option.

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