Florida May Become First Southeast State To Legalize Medical Marijuana

As an appeals lawyer discusses, Florida may well become the twenty-third state to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Although the measure must still be voted on and signed into law, marijuana entrepreneurs are hopeful.

The State of the Law on Medical Marijuana
Twenty two states currently have laws legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. Florida may soon join those ranks. Polls show that Florida voters are largely in favor of the legalization for medical use. They will have a chance to vote on the measure in November.

What May Happen If Florida Voters Approve the Measure
If the majority of Florida citizens vote in favor of legalization, this doesn’t mean they can begin using the drug right away. Florida already has a law allowing a certain type of marijuana for medical purposes. That drug has the lowest quantity of THC and only a select few nurseries are allowed to grow it. As a Florida federal appeals lawyer can explain, if the law is expanded to include other forms of pot, the state government will still need to step in and set regulations for growers and consumers. This could take six months to a year after the measure passes.

How Business Owners Are Preparing in Advance
Even though the passage of the marijuana legalization law is not certain, many entrepreneurs are already preparing to expanding their enterprises into the Florida market. A Florida appeals lawyer can explain what the law means to a small business owner or one looking to either grow or use marijuana for medical purposes should the ballot initiative become law.

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