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Colorado Rally Celebrates Legalization of Marijuana and Results in Many Arrests

Last month, Colorado citizens held a rally to celebrate the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. As a Colorado appeals lawyer can explain, the law places restrictions on where the drug may be smoked. Many violated the law during the rally and were arrested.

An Appeals Attorney Explains Colorado’s Marijuana Law
Colorado was the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use. However, there are restrictions. For example, it is still illegal in Colorado to smoke marijuana in public places outdoors. Additionally, the state allows only licensed shop owners to sell it. Last week, a celebration of the law resulted in a number of arrests for violations of it as a criminal appeals lawyer discusses it.

How a Rally Held in Support of Colorado’s Marijuana Law Resulted in 22 Arrests
On Easter Sunday, an estimated 80,000 people gathered in Denver, Colorado’s main square to celebrate “World Weed Day.” The event was held in support of Colorado’s controversial legalization of marijuana for recreational use. However, the event resulted in a number of arrests as many participants took the opportunity to smoke pot while at the rally. According to authorities on the matter, Colorado’s law does not permit smoking the drug in outside public places. To make matters worse, large groups of people apparently lit up simultaneously directly in front of police officers.

Colorado Law May Be Bell-weather for Other States
While other states permit the use and distribution for medicinal marijuana, Colorado, again, is the first state to recognize it for recreational use. If you have questions about the law in your state, a Colorado criminal appeals lawyer can provide counsel and help you understand what is permissible under the circumstances.

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