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How to Become an Appellate Attorney?

How to Become an Appellate Attorney?


Are you interested in studying law or are already enrolled in a law firm? Wish to become an appellate attorney? The lawyer is a defender and an independent counsel, guaranteeing respect for public and private freedoms. One becomes an appeals attorneys lawyer after at least four years of university studies and eighteen months of training in the schools of the Bar.


The legal appeals attorneys profession is regulated and requires passing an entrance examination in a Regional Center for Professional Training of Lawyers. A student may take the exam after having obtained the first year of law degree (4 years of higher education in a law school). Generally, students taking this examination hold a Master 2 at least (5 years of study) and are therefore already specialized in an area of law.


Take the examination:


It is essential to have previously enrolled in the Judicial Studies organizing this examination. There is also a preparation for appeals attorneys’ examination taking place in the year preceding the study. The exam is held by several universities. The examination usually consists of two stages: the written tests determine the eligibility of the candidates. If the candidate has obtained an average of 10/20 or more in the written tests, he or she is eligible and can, therefore, take the oral examinations. The appellate attorney candidate will be admitted to the School of Lawyers if he/she obtains a general average greater than or equal to 10/20 after passing his/her oral tests. The overall average, therefore, takes into account all the notes, namely the written and oral test scores.


Following a reform carried out in 2004: studies in the School of Lawyers last 18 months organized around teaching and internships in law firms and other legal or judicial professionals. The 18 months’ course is divided into three periods of 6 months: a period, of course, a period of internship in a company or law firm, and a period of the individual educational project. At the end of this training, the student-lawyer must pass the exit examination to obtain the Certificate of Aptitude to the Profession of Lawyer (CAPL). He/she then takes an oath before the Court of Appeal and joins the bar of the city where he will practice.


At the end of their internship, three options are available to young graduates:

  • You can recruit as an employee in a firm or a company;
  • Become a collaborator of a firm (take advantage of the means and reputation of a firm with the possibility of developing one’s clientele);
  • Or open one’s practice straight away.


At the beginning of your career:


An appeals attorney lawyer’s work and his ability evolve within the firm.  It is also possible to enter the legal profession via bridges after having practiced certain legal or judicial jobs (corporate lawyer in particular, after eight years of practice), or after having worked as a lawyer for eight years in the service of a trade union organization.


Finally, the appellate attorney lawyer can assert specific skills in one or more legal disciplines. Through the mention of specializations, he/she can acquire particular expertise in certain subjects. This specialization is subject to obtaining a certificate of specialization and accompanied by an obligation of continuous training throughout the lawyer’s professional life, to guarantee the client, the effectiveness of this expertise.



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