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Ken Purdy Fights for Freedom

Justice for Ken Purdy: Juvenile Release Reversed By State Attorney

Ken Purdy, a juvenile defendant, convicted in 1995 and sentenced to Life in Prison was recently released under the new law in Florida allowing for rehabilitation of juvenile’s that are sentenced to Life in Prison. Mr. Purdy was one of those juveniles who was sentenced in 1995 to Life in Prison.

After 20 years of fighting his conviction and sentence, and numerous appeals and post convictions motions, on December 18, 2015, the Honorable Mark Blechman found that Mr. Purdy was rehabilitated and ordered him to a 29 year sentence. Mr. Purdy accumulated so much gain time over the years he spent in prison, that the department of corrections released Mr. Purdy on December 21, 2015 after serving over 20 years in prison and giving him Gain Time at 65%.

The gain time translated into Mr. Purdy’s freedom. When the State Attorney’s Office of Jeff Ashton learned about Mr. Purdy’s release, they contacted the Florida Department of Corrections and demanded that Mr. Purdy be arrested and immediately detained.

The State Attorneys’ Office convinced the Department of Corrections that it had made an error in calculating Mr. Purdy’s gain time. The Office of Jeff Ashton also convinced the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to apprehend Mr. Purdy days before Christmas. The State Attorney’s Office did had Mr. Purdy re-arrested without a warrant or violation of probation.

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ken purdy arrest in orlando jail

Matt McLain, Attorney at Brownstone Law, Files Writ of Habeas Corpus for Immediate Release of Ken Purdy

Matt McLain filed a Habeas Corpus Motion demanding immediate release of Ken Purdy. The motion was based on an emergency writ that would command the Orange County Jail and Department of Corrections to release Ken Purdy. Mr. Purdy appeared before a Judge on Thursday, December 24, 2015, however, the judge declined to answer or review the writ of habeas corpus ken purdy and instead tabled a decision until January 4, 2015, where Mr. Purdy will have to wait in Jail until he sees another Judge. The hearing was covered by The Orlando Sentinel.

Click here for an update on the Kenneth Purdy Appeal.

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