New York’s Governor Attempts to Put the Breaks on Bill to Legalize Medicinal Marijuana

New York is poised to pass a bill that would legalize marijuana for medical use. Governor Andrew Cuomo has raised concerns about the bill as is and, as an appeals lawyer can explain, this may delay passage.

What’s in New York’s Compassionate Care Act
New York legislators have crafted the so-called Compassionate Care Act aimed at legalizing marijuana for medical use. The bill would ban smoking of the drug to users under 21 but would allow administration of it through other means by a licensed healthcare professional. Users must have one of twenty medical conditions to qualify for it. New York’s governor is still concerned about whether the bill is restrictive enough and has stymied efforts to pass it.

Governor Cuomo’s Concerns and What May Happen Next
Governor Andrew Cuomo has expressed major concerns about the language of the bill to the consternation of lawmakers. Cuomo wants to restrict administration to doctors, not just healthcare professionals. He is also calling for an outright smoking ban of the drug, not just the under-21 limit. Cuomo also wants to reduce the number of qualifying medical conditions and called for a review of the law after five years.Those in support of the Compassionate Care Act are frustrated by what they describe as Cuomo’s 11th hour concerns. Additionally, supporters of the bill are confident that they have ample votes to carry the measure regardless of the Governor’s concerns. They also feel the bill already adequately addresses concerns of the opposition.

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