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Young Petition for Writ of Certiorari US Supreme Court

federal criminal appeals

Boulder Young Petitions US Supreme Court to Overturn Criminal Federal Case Petitioner Boulder Young, also known as Boulder Daniel McManigal [“Petitioner”], was indicted on May 24, 2017 for four counts relating to the distribution of methamphetamine. The indictment claimed that on three separate occasions, Petitioner sold methamphetamine to ATF agents or informants. The prosecution additionally […]

Veronica Perez Law Suit Against Elkis Hermida

Veronica Perez Law Suit Against Elkis Hermida

S.M. v Los Angeles Unified School District Appeal Courts have long held that school teachers and their supervisors are responsible for the children in their care. This concept has become such a commonly referenced ideal that it even has its own terminology: in loco parentis. The underlying principle, as the courts have reasoned, is that during […]

Social Media Evidence Admitted into Court for Appeal

appellate lawyers

A Social Media Appeal: Admission of Social Media Post As Evidence Since its inception social media has created quite a conundrum in courtrooms across the country. Interactions between people involved in a legal proceeding are governed, as other aspects are, by the rules of evidence. These rules, while often ambiguous and open to interpretation, set […]

Why Hire a Criminal Appellate Attorney?

appeal lawyer texas

The Importance of Appellate Attorneys The word “attorney” means many different things to many different people. Attorney traditionally translate as someone who is well versed in the law. In decades past this was probably a fair translation. In today’s world this translation is about as useful as knowing that a teacher is someone who helps […]

How Appeal Lawyers in Tampa Can Change Your Case

Everyone knows that lawyers play an important role in the courtroom. When deciding to appeal, a lawyer plays an even more important part. The right appeal can change the outcome of your case. If you were judged unfairly or there was an error in your case, speaking with appeal lawyers in Tampa can help you […]

Children and the Juvenile Justice System

appeals attorneys

There has been a philosophical debate in the criminal justice system for nearly as long as a system has existed. At a basic level we understand that a crime is only committed when a person has the required intent to commit a crime. For example, it is not possible for one to commit arson while […]

Set the Record Straight with Appeal Lawyers Miami

Miami appeals lawyers

There is an old and arguably misguided belief that if you go to court, and if you are innocent, then you have nothing to worry about. This, however, is further from the truth than most people realize. In both civil and criminal cases, there are those who have found themselves the victims of faulty judgments […]

Hiring Appeals Lawyers in Miami

miami appellate attorneys

When a case does not go your way and you want to file an appeal, having the best Appeal lawyers Miami will help take away stress and give you hope for a better future. We know that both civil and criminal cases do not always work out perfectly. When you feel that a case has […]

The Law Office Of Robert Sirianni is the Austin Appellate Law Firm for You

top criminal appellate lawyers

If you have been searching for appeal lawyers Austin for a while and have had no luck, we think your luck is about to change with us at the Law Office Of Robert Sirianni. When searching for civil appeal lawyers Austin, there are many factors that should go into your decision when picking a firm […]

Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams Appeal Copyright Case of Marvin Gaye

blurred lines copyright

Blurred Lines and Copyright When it comes to copyright law, the question of infringement does not always result in a clear answer. In fact, determining infringement is an incredibly difficult question. This is probably because, when it comes to songwriting, infringement exists when songs sound too similar. The terminology employed most often by judges is to […]