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Set the Record Straight with Appeal Lawyers Miami

Appeal Lawyers MiamiThere is an old and arguably misguided belief that if you go to court, and if you are innocent, then you have nothing to worry about. This, however, is further from the truth than most people realize. In both civil and criminal cases, there are those who have found themselves the victims of faulty judgments and unfair sentences. Such sentences could result in anything from probation all the way to jail time, either one of which is problematic for the one who has to suffer through it. Even worse, the pleas of the innocent seem to fall on deaf ears, which doesn’t help anyone in the short or long run.

The only people it really helps are the prosecutors whose career advancement depends heavily on conviction rates rather than the pursuit of the truth. Luckily, there are those who hear the truth, and we are one of them. As appeal lawyers Miami we are not only willing to listen to your case, we are willing to present it to the appellate court on your behalf. When you are fighting a system so set in its ways, it helps to have someone on your side that is willing to actually listen, and sometimes, just listening makes all the difference in the world.

It’s all in Who you Trust 

When everything goes south, who should you trust? Finding good appeal lawyers Miami is critical, as you well know, but what difference do they make exactly? As appeal lawyers, we work in civil courts, managing divorce proceedings, custody cases, labor law, and a plethora of other items including foreclosures. If you are considering launching an appeal, the last thing you ever want to do, is try to go it alone. You do have the right to act as your own attorney when you go to court, but does this mean you should? You may be familiar with your own case, but being familiar with the law surrounding it is an entirely different matter.

When you are planning to file an appeal, it is important that you contact us immediately. There is more than likely a time limit upon which the appeal can be filed, and we must determine whether or not you do in fact have the grounds for an appeal. Some of the most common reasons for an appeal are the following.

  • Unconstitutional Verdict
  • Ineffective Counsel(You lawyer as inexperienced)
  • New Evidence
  • Unconstitutional verdict
  • Misapplied Rules of Civil/Criminal Procedure
  • Legal Mistakes
  • Abuse of Discretion

The bottom line is that you deserve the right to overturn your conviction, particularly if it was unfair. Too many people are literally lost within the system, whether they are living their lives in regret, or find themselves locked within a concrete cell, wondering where they went wrong. Those caught within the system may in fact never find their way out, but those we can help, we most certainly will.

An Experienced Helping Hand

As Miami federal criminal appeal attorneys, we have helped to resolve a number of different cases with many different details. Different convictions require different tactics, and this is something that we tend to understand better than anyone. We study the intricate and intimate details of your case, ensuring that we know what you are up against and what tactics the prosecuting attorney might use to ensure that your prior conviction is secured. Our services are diverse, for example we also offer services to defendants that stand to face the clemency and pardons board. Now the one question you might be asking at this point, is why you should trust us over any other law firm in the industry.

If you take a look at our record, you will find that we have won a high percentage of cases, and we feel this can be credited to the quality of our writes and legal briefs presented in court. Now would be a great time for you to call our Miami appeal attorneys and schedule your free consultation. Remember, this is not just a business transaction; this is a move that could potentially affect your entire life, and with that being the case, you want to make sure that it is the right  move. Start planning your appeal today and make sure that the best of the best are on your side. Don’t leave something like this to amateurs, make sure you’re ready to run headlong into battle with the tools you need to come out safe on the other side.

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