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Whether you need a federal appeals lawyer or civil appeals lawyer, Tampa Bays Robert Sirianni will take care of you. The federal appeals attorneys at the Law Office of Robert Sirianni are experienced appellate litigators. Clients from across the United States continue to seek out our federal appeals law firm to represent their interest before every federal court of appeal in the country. We are the appeal lawyers Tampa residents rely on.

Our appeal attorneys Tampa residents trust handle:

The federal appeals attorneys at file writs and appeals in the United States Supreme Court. Our appeal lawyers Tampa residents rely on have filed appeals on cases involving environmental, securities, white collar crime, oil and gas, class action, insurance disputes, constitutional, criminal, regulatory, eminent domain, and business torts. Petitions to the U.S. Supreme Court are normally due within 90 days of the final order or judgment. Act fast because the time to file a petition for a writ of certiorari is limited.

Our team of talented attorneys appeals business and commercial litigation cases. Trial courts make mistakes, and when they do, an appeal can make legal sense. In order to appeal, you need appellate lawyers Tampa trusts. Appellate procedures allow you, as the losing party at trial, to make a higher court aware of the legal mistakes or abuses of discretion which may have occurred in your case. If you prevail in the appeal, the case can be remanded (sent back) to the trial court with orders to reconsider the matter based on the appellate court’s instructions.

Our federal appeal attorneys, Tampa grown, are some of the most accomplished litigators in federal courts. We often represent both appellants and appellees in every federal court of appeals, including the Supreme Court of the United States.

Tampa Appellate Law Firm

The Best Tampa Appellate Law Firm Is Here For You

The Law Office of Robert Sirianni represents clients on complex issues and federal criminal appeals. We file federal appeals in drug cases, drug trafficking, drug transportation, RICO, conspiracy, federal white collar crime, and many other types of federal criminal appeals. We also file habeas petitions, 2255 motions, 2254 motions, 2241 motions, writs, and motions to reduce sentence filed in federal criminal appeals. Tampa criminal appeals attorneys with this kind of success are hard to come by.

Appellate Lawyers, Tampa and Beyond

While we are a Tampa appellate law firm, we represent clients from across the United States. We appeal civil and criminal federal cases in all 11 circuits. Our federal appeal team invites you to discuss your appeal with us. Contact our qualified federal appeals attorneys to discuss the case and review the appeal process.

Our federal court experience makes the difference and enables us to provide successful legal representation at the federal appellate level and before all court of appeal in the United States. Federal appellate litigation is complex. The rules of federal procedure are difficult. Consult with our federal appeal lawyers today to discuss your appeal.

Federal or Civil Appeal Lawyers Tampa Residents Trust

If you are involved in a lawsuit in which decision was not rendered in your favor, you can always seek the assistance of appeals lawyers Tampa, FL, and appellate attorneys to represent you in the court of law to perfect your appeal. Criminal appeals, civil appeals, federal appeals– whatever the scope and kind of appeal you intend to file, you need the services of appellate lawyers to back you up. In addition to this, appeals is a narrow area of court relief that only the knowledge and skills of appeal attorneys possess.

From the first time you contact us, you will be able to trust us with your appellate case. No appeal is too large or too small for us to give it our full attention. Understanding the appeal process for your type of case, whether it be a criminal issue in state or federal court. We appeal cases and overturn a previous ruling or jury trial. Speak with the most experienced appeals attorneys Tampa, FL has to offer and let us help you get the outcome you deserve. The Law Office of Robert Sirianni can take civil and criminal cases to the next level, representing clients in federal and state courts. Post-conviction lawyers Tampa trusts can help with the following criminal appeals:

  • Conspiracy
  • Military Appeals
  • Securities Fraud
  • Drug Appeals
  • Pardon & Clemency
  • White Collar
  • Medical Fraud
  • Restore Rights
  • Medical Marijuana
  • RICO

The criminal appeals attorneys Tampa trusts just experienced in criminal appeals. They also know about criminal defense, non-criminal appeals, federal appeals, and much, much more. In short, our criminal appeals attorneys are well rounded and experienced with many facets of law.  Three, they don’t just work with the exact same types of cookie-cutter cases day in and day out; their portfolios are diverse, including everything from sentencing appeals to federal criminal appeals.

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