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The High Demand for Lawyers amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

From giving proper advice to employers on how they should respond once an employee tests positive for coronavirus to helping them counselling employees afraid of contracting it through the workplace. Top appellate lawyers work around the clock in order to help clients navigate the unexplored legal waters that are sparked by the swiftly spreading COVID-19. Some law firms have designed multidisciplinary task forces so as to assist clients, both domestic as well as international, to tackle the myriad of challenges posted due to this pandemic.

These top appellate lawyers alongside firms are helping all others while grappling with the substantial effects of coronavirus on their day to day operations, for instance, the need to close their offices and employees working remotely. Numerous companies have also embraced the pandemic’s long term economic effects that could lead to a boost in the demand for legal services while at the same time depressing the market for all others.

Lending a Helping Hand to Employers

There are several employers who have inquired regarding how they should treat those employees who have tested positive for COVID-19. Our top appellate lawyers recommend that employers make sure they are taking all the necessary precautions and actions when it comes to determining which employees must be required or requested to self-quarantine. If an employer decides that any employee cannot enter the workplace, the employer must ensure that he/she remains in compliance with all the other laws that might come into play, for instance, the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.

The FMLA, for instance, requires employers with more than fifty employees within seventy-five miles of the business’s worksite in order to provide employees with a job protected, unpaid leaves for specific medical and familial reasons. Employees who take the FMLA leaves are allowed to receive the same health coverage from their employers just as they were before taking the leaves.

Your employer plan should include the following:

  1. A report of how the business of the company is going to continue during a temporary closing, government lockdown or leave.
  2. A remote work from home policy that helps the continuation of all your business’s operations.
  3. Extra cleaning or decontamination services, alongside the provision of soaps, hand sanitizers and antiseptic wipes to make sure your workspace is safe.
  4. Incessant communications with the employees that provide latest, most accurate information on all best practices along with precautions for protection against COVID-19.


Some of the Top appellate lawyers representing employees state that they too have been fielding a solid stream of queries regarding the implications of COVID-19, in particular relating to the safety of their workplaces. It is advised the employees who are worried about the symptoms they are experiencing should request their employers to provide reasonable accommodations as per the law.




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