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Connecticut Federal Attorneys

Connecticut Federal Attorneys

Federal Appeals Lawyer in Connecticut

We are a unique federal appellate group in Connecticut with experienced representation at the federal appellate level. Our Connecticut federal appeals lawyers handle criminal appeals of all types, including drug appeals, habeas corpus, RICO, and conspiracy. The firm also handles complex federal civil appeals in Bristol, Hartford and New Haven. Our experience is combined with a solitary passion and commitment to federal appeals. We also provide results with a hard working federal appeal litigation law firm. We have a long standing reputation for appellate advocacy and briefing complex cases in every federal court within the nation. Call our Connecticut Lawyers at 1-888-233-8895.

Our Connecticut federal attorneys are also experienced in Habeas Corpus motions and federal appeals.

Contact our professional Connecticut federal appeals lawyers to review the case. We will go over all areas of the record on appeal. Whether you lost at trial, or summary judgment or a directed verdict, our Connecticut federal appeal attorneys will review the case and possibility of an appeal in Federal Court.  Return to our main federal appellate law firm page.

Connecticut Federal Appellate Litigation Law Firm

Brownstone has appellate capabilities that are enhanced by our unique attorneys and their background with our Connecticut federal appellate litigation team. We work with all appellate issues at the federal appellate litigation level.

Brownstone law firm in Hartford, Connecticut has a team of specialists for dealing with federal appeals and habeas corpus petitions. The appeal allows the defendant to have any errors made during the trial rectified.

Criminal appeals are at the discretion of the judge who can choose to allow witnesses and admit new evidence that may influence the outcome of the case. The new evidence or witness forms the grounds for an appeal. Our experience in handling appeals gives the residents of Hartford, Connecticut the best chance of having their conviction and sentencing overturned.

Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers Connecticut

Criminal appeals provide the defendant an opportunity to have the original decision reviewed. Crimes are charged by the State of Connecticut and the convicted part can appeal against the charges. Our Connecticut federal appeals lawyers are experienced in both felony and misdemeanor appeal cases.

Following a conviction in circuit court, the defendant is allowed to appeal the conviction and sentencing in the District Court of Appeal. There are five district courts of appeal in Connecticut, namely First District Court of Appeal, Second District Court of Appeal, Third District Court of Appeal, Fourth District Court of Appeal and Fifth District Court of Appeal. Brownstone handles appeals in each District Court of Appeal including the Connecticut Federal District Courts.

Criminal cases are typically stressful, emotional situations for everyone involved. At the offices of our Connecticut Federal Appeals Lawyer of Brownstone, we know how important your children, assets and property are to you, and we will help you fight for a better result on appeal. Our Connecticut Federal Appeals Lawyer have handle hundreds of petitions, writs, appeals, and actions in federal courts.

Just because you lost in court the first time around doesn’t mean you don’t have options. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced Connecticut Appeal Lawyer, call Brownstone today!

What do Federal Appeals Lawyers in Connecticut Focus on

  • RICO
  • Conspiracy
  • Habeas Corpus
  • Drug Appeals
  • Complex Civil Appeals
  • Criminal Appeals
  • Family Law
  • Petitions
  • Writs

Call our Connecticut Federal Appeals Lawyers at 1-888-233-8895.