Idaho Federal Appeal Attorneys

Our Idaho federal appeal attorneys have experience in complex civil and criminal appeals. The base of our knowledge in federal appeals stems a complete understanding of the record in the trial court. Contact our federal appeal lawyers in Idaho at 1-888-233-8895. Our federal attorneys are also experienced in Idaho Habeas Corpus Appeals.

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We act as co-counsel in trial cases in Idaho. Our work with trial attorneys in Idaho guarantees that our clients have the best appellate representation possible and make sure that the record on appeal is preserved. Brownstone’s Idaho federal appeal attorneys protect the rights of Boise citizens and companies at the federal level. Our Practice is devoted to criminal and civil appeals in Idaho Federal Courts. Brownstone has the experience of handling a large number of appeals, practicing appeals in federal courts and within Idaho. Clients from across Idaho retain us to advance their federal appeal. Return to our main federal appellate lawyers page.

The Idaho federal appeal attorneys at Brownstone make optimum use of the knowledge and experience accumulated over years of experience and hundreds of cases. Our federal appellate experience encompasses commercial disputes, construction law, criminal law, foreclosures and personal injury cases. We file and handle appeals in all areas of civil law, including business litigation, oil and gas, personal injury, insurance issues, securities, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, products liability and environmental law. Our firm also focuses on Supreme Court litigation.

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