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Louisiana Federal Appeals Attorneys

Louisiana Federal Appeals Attorneys

Federal Appeals Lawyers in Louisiana

We are a unique appellate law firm in Louisiana with experienced representation at the federal appellate level. Our Louisiana federal appeal lawyers handle criminal appeals of all types, including drug appeals, habeas corpus, RICO, and conspiracy in Baton Rouge, Shreveport and New Orleans. Contact our Louisiana federal appeal lawyers at 1-888-233-8895.

Our experience is combined with a solitary passion and commitment to appeals. We also provide results with a hard working federal appeal litigation law firm. We have a long standing reputation for appellate advocacy and briefing complex cases in every federal court within the nation.

Contact our federal appeal lawyers Louisiana at (888) 233-8895.

Louisiana Federal Criminal Appellate Attorneys

Contact a professional Louisiana federal crime appeal lawyers  at Brownstone Law to review the case. We will go over all areas of the record on appeal. Whether you lost at trial, or summary judgment or a directed verdict, our Louisiana federal appeal attorneys will review the case and possibility of an appeal in Federal Court. We take tough cases in civil and criminal courts to the United States Courts of Appeal and Supreme Court of the United States. Our firm handles civil appeals, criminal appeals, and habeas corpus and post-conviction motions in Louisiana.

Brownstone has appellate capabilities that are enhanced by our unique attorneys and their background with our federal Louisiana appellate litigation team. We work with all appellate issues at the federal appellate litigation level. Our Louisiana federal appellate law firm is the nation’s premier appeal law office in the country, handling hundreds of criminal and civil cases across Louisiana and in every federal court in the country. Most appeals start at the US District Courts in Louisiana such as the Eastern District of Louisiana federal court. Brownstone performs appeals from Shreveport, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette and Lake Charles. Contact our Louisiana federal appeal lawyers to review a civil or criminal appeal. Clients contact us when the stakes are high and to take their case to the next level. When the consequences are high, Brownstone is your firm. Jury instructions can be incorrect, the law is misapplied, or the court doesn’t follow the procedural rules to the letter of the law. In these situations and others, Brownstone is the appellate litigation law firm that enhances the chances of a better outcome at the federal appellate level.

Louisiana Federal Appeals Attorneys

Louisiana Federal Civil Appeals Attorneys

Appellate litigation can be a complicated matter best left to expert attorneys who specialize solely in appeals. We like to build credibility in the federal courts. Experience has taught us effective presentation and providing outstanding research for the federal courts of appeal makes the difference in the end result.

Our Louisiana federal civil appeals attorneys have broad based experience in multiple appellate litigation areas like banking, environmental, products liability, construction, regulation, oil and gas, constitutional, statutory, and common law issues to name just a few. We devote our time and energy conducting legal research and obtaining the necessary facts to create a compelling argument in court.

We are the full-service appellate litigation law firm, with Louisiana federal appeal lawyers with diverse and broad-ranging legal experience. Our experience includes appealed cases from a diverse range of industry sectors. The ability to develop a team of Louisiana federal civil appeals attorneys for each case combining the right mix of legal and litigation skills to meet our clients’ expectations and needs before the federal courts of appeal is just one of the advantages you get with us.

Our appellate practice team is highly rated and gets the job done. We are known as a leading appellate law firm nationally. Our experience at the appellate level applies from coast to coast. Brownstone handles different appeals like constitutional claims to environmental regulatory appeal cases. Our track record is premiere and our energy focuses at carefully honing each oral argument and brief before the federal courts.

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Federal Appeals Lawyers in Louisiana Are Competent in

  • Banking
  • Enviormental
  • Products Liability
  • Construction
  • Regulation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Constitutional
  • Statutory
  • Common Law

Contact our federal criminal appeal lawyers in Louisiana (888) 233-8895.

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