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Habeas corpus is a legal petition that may be the last chance for a defendant in Louisiana to seek relief or a new trial from a criminal conviction. Our Louisiana habeas corpus lawyers handle post-conviction cases in Louisiana if there are errors that have been committed in the original trial, the federal defense lawyer was ineffective, or a constitutional right was violated. Contact our Louisiana Habeas Corpus lawyers at 1-888-233-8895. We also handle Louisiana civil appeals, Louisiana federal criminal cases and federal writs in Louisiana. We handle federal post convictions in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport.

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The high number of individuals and companies seeking the services of Brownstone federal crime attorneys is a great indicator of the quality and credibility of our services. Apart from representing our clients in appeal cases, we also offer them legal advice on matters pertaining to the writ of habeas corpus process in this country. Over the years, we have offered law consultancy services to other law firms in other cities and towns across the state of Louisiana.

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In Baton Rogue, there is no finer habeas corpus post conviction representation than that found at Brownstone Law. Our legal team of federal appellate lawyers has one goal, and one goal only: to get you the appeal that is due to you. Utilizing the legal tools and resources available, our legal team will sit down with you and explain the options within your reach. In all of Baton Rogue, Brownstone Law is recognized far and wide for producing hundreds of positive writ of habeas corpus court outcomes, including Louisiana federal habeas corpus cases.

Where most criminal defense attorneys will shy away from writs and post conviction motions in federal court, Brownstone embraces the entire process. Our firm has become one of the most acclaimed appellate law firms in Louisiana because of this fact. While the appeals system may be complex, our staff of lawyers works tirelessly to successfully represent our clients.

Our team is ready to provide you with the help and guidance you need to get the appeal you deserve. They are here to give you answers for the many important questions you are bound to have. Contact Brownstone today and you will receive your initial consultation absolutely free of charge. Let our resources and team of professionals guide you to victory in the post conviction process under 2255 or 2254.

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In Louisiana you have 90 days from the date of your plea or sentence to file a motion to reduce your sentence under the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. Contact our Louisiana Habeas Corpus lawyers to review your case

Federal post-conviction relief may be available if there was an error in the trial or hearing that resulted in conviction. Our Louisiana Habeas Corpus law firm focuses in post-conviction cases and appeals of post-trial criminal matters. We file post-conviction motions such as motions to reduce sentence, and writs of habeas corpus. Our lawyers handles cases and appeals in New Orleans and Baton Rogue

Post-conviction litigation is a unique legal area that may be available to people who have been convicted of a crime, after federal appeal rights have been exhausted. You may also qualify to withdraw your plea. Under statute a person convicted of a crime may file a Motion to Vacate Conviction and/or Sentence requesting a new trial or sentencing. There are various grounds to withdraw your plea or for Post-conviction grounds which include the following reasons: Ineffective Counsel or the Conviction and Sentence is unconstitutional.

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