Federal Appeals Attorneys In Oregon

Federal Appeals Attorneys In Oregon

Oregon Federal Appeal Lawyer

Our Oregon federal appeal lawyers have handled hundreds of federal appeals. The Oregon federal appeal process is different than trial court and jury trial in federal courts. Our firm files appeals across the United States and in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for clients in Oregon, focusing mainly on federal appeals in the Portland area.

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Oregon Federal Criminal Appeal Attorneys

Clients count on our Oregon federal appeal law firm to provide confidence on appeal. We thrive on unique questions of law. The federal appeal lawyers at our firm work under pressure and when the odds are difficult we excel. Our foundation for victory is based on winning strategies, coupled with an understanding of the appeal issues that confront our clients in Oregon. The Oregon federal appeal attorneys at Brownstone also represent clients from Salem, Eugene, Gresham, and Hillsborough, Oregon. (503) 894-7371

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We are dedicated to federal appellate litigation. The Oregon appeal lawyers at our firm focus on the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on long term relationships and winning the argument on appeal. Most appellate cases start at the US District Court of Appeals in Oregon and proceed to the Ninth Circuit.

Brownstone’s federal appellate lawyers have a great amount of experience. Our time and years of experience at the federal appellate level allows our Oregon federal appeal lawyers to handle matters efficiently while bringing a creative and fresh perspective to each case. We successfully represent clients in large, complex federal appeals in Oregon and throughout the United States. Our attorneys handle civil cases, business disputes, class action appeals, products liability appeals, environmental, oil and gas, and multi-million dollar disputes with the SEC and RICO violations. We have handled hundreds of appeals in state and federal courts. Members of our Oregon federal appellate group have appeared in the U.S. Supreme Court, all federal Courts of Appeals and the district courts.

Our Oregon federal criminal appeal lawyers have a strong focus on drug appeals. We handle appeals in Oregon federal courts and cases involving drug conspiracy, drug trafficking, drug possession, drug manufacturing and cultivation, and other federal crimes. The Oregon appeal lawyers at Brownstone also represent clients in Oregon Federal Courts on writs of habeas corpus and white collar crime.

Federal Criminal Appeals are not like other forms of litigation. Winning on appeal means an attorney must have unique skills and the best form of legal analysis. We are proficient in all areas of appeals, including brief writing and oral argument. For the best chances of winning your appeal, our Oregon Federal Appeal Lawyers ensure that they have obtained all the necessary facts related to your case. Civil appeal cases that our law firm handles include but are not limited to business torts, insurance fraud, copyright appeals, white collar crimes, corporate litigation, shareholder disputes and much more.

When it comes to understanding the law, our attorneys use the most up to date case law, information and research to help create a solid strategy that comprises of the best arguments for every client.

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