West Virginia Federal Appeals Lawyers

West Virginia Federal Appeals Lawyers

Federal Appeals Attorneys in West Virginia

Our West Virginia federal appeal lawyers work nationwide, representing clients in West Virginia before the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal and the United States Supreme Court. The federal appeal lawyers in West Virginia at our firm represent clients in real estate, oil and gas, insurance, business disputes, coal, energy and criminal appeals. Contact our West Virginia federal appeal lawyers today at 1-888-233-8895.

We have a seasoned appellate team. Former law clerks and members of the Order of Coif make up our federal appellate litigation group. We have handled hundreds of appellate matters across the nation and in West Virginia. Please return to our main federal appellate law firm page to learn more about the federal appellate process.

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The West Virginia federal appeal lawyers at our firm often assist trial attorneys in federal courts. We work with trial counsel during all phases of litigation to ensure the record on appeal is protected, focusing on civil and criminal appeals in federal courts.

Charleston West Virginia Federal Appeals Attorneys

Services offered by Brownstone include advice for matters related to the federal appeal and federal appeal process, drafting and preparation of paperwork, discussing the merits of an appeal, briefing motions in trial courts, handling regulatory appeals, preparing interlocutory writ petitions, responding to appeals, advice to the trial counsel and review of administrative proceedings. Our West Virginia federal appeals attorneys handle complex appeals. We appear before every federal court in the nation, often representing clients before the United States Court of Appeal for the Fourth Circuit. Lawyers at our firm take cases by petition to the United States Supreme Court. We are versed in nearly every area of substantive law, including civil, criminal, commercial, contracts, insurance, coal, gas, energy, environmental and regulatory appeals. Connect with our federal lawyers in West Virginia at 888-233-8895. 

Filing a motion of habeas corpus is the last course of action that a convicted felon can take after exhausting all his/her rights to appeal. Under the anti-terrorism and effective death penalty act the convicted felon has one year and three moths to file for a motion of habeas corpus. At Brownstone, our Charleston appeal lawyers have successfully filed several motions of habeas corpus at the Supreme Court. Other motions that we are familiar with include motions to vacate conviction, motions to withdraw pea, motions to reduce sentence and petitions for writ of certiorari. We are also well conversant with the rules and procedure of petitions for pardons or clemency. If the appeal prevails then the defendant may be granted a new trial or reduced sentence. If newly discovered evidence exonerates the defendant, then he/she will be acquitted.  We also handle appeals from the District Courts in West Virginia to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

West Virginia Federal Criminal Appeal Lawyers

Our West Virginia appellate experience has prepared us to advance difficult appeals before the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal and the United States Supreme Court. In addition to federal appeals of criminal and civil jury trials, our federal appeal lawyers in West Virginia handle original writs and administrative appeals. Successful federal appeals lawyers should be experienced. Brownstone’s appellate attorneys have handled hundreds of appeals, incorporating experience, training and commitment to winning. Our West Virginia federal appeal lawyers have argued cases in federal courts, spanning all areas of the law. Brownstone offers effective and quality representation for people looking to appeal the court’s verdict against them.

Appellate law is the practice of law dealing with procedural and substantive aspects of matters before federal appellate courts. Our West Virginia Federal Appeal Attorneys must demonstrate proficiency in their specialty field. This involves passing a comprehensive written examination, evaluation by a panel of experts, continuing educational requirements, and substantial involvement in the practice of appellate law during the previous five years. We support all federal appeals in Charleston West Virginia.

Our attorneys are licensed in all appellate courts in the country and has represented clients for post-conviction motions including:


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