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Federal Habeas Corpus Lawyers in Minnesota

Minnesota Federal Post Conviction Attorneys

Federal post conviction lawyers, federal criminal appellate attorneys, or criminal appeals lawyers are indispensable in perfecting an appeal. Through them, the grounds for the filing of the writ of habeas corpus is well determined; as much as the procedures in filing for these post convictions are complied with. While there are a number of writs available not all of them may have the competent federal post conviction lawyers as that from Brownstone Law. Since this appeals law firm has first started offering their services to clients, they have specialized and focused on the perfection of habeas corpus in every nature such as  criminal appeals, and nationwide appeals. They also work on federal writs and petitions filed in the courts of Minnesota.   We handle federal writs in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Bloomington, Duluth, and Plymouth.

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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers in Minnesota

Just like any other lawsuits concerning the use of illegal drugs and substances, cases involving medical marijuana may nevertheless be subject to litigation as well. Parties losing in this kind of case would usually file for a cannabis appeal and file their dispositions as based on the controlled substances act. The Minnesota habeas corpus appeals lawyers from Brownstone Law can represent clients on cases involving dispensaries, patient medical marijuana, and such other cases arising from medical marijuana. The Minnesota habeas corpus attorneys from Brownstone Law have the necessary knowledge on laws concerning the medical marijuana such as the medical marijuana act, also interposing the cases involving pro medical marijuana, uses of medical marijuana, history of medical marijuana, and any other pertinent laws, statutes, and cases. Learn more about our federal criminal appellate lawyers as well.

Federal Writs 2255 in Minnesota

Apart from cases concerning medical marijuana, Brownstone Law also handles criminal law appeals, drug appeals, federal crime appeals, and such other appeals in cases involving drug manufacturing, drug transportation, manufacturing, refining, and drug importation appeals.

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While we spend lots of time in legal research, we also do not comprise the quality of our services as we prepare the best writs and briefs to present before the Supreme Court or federal appellate courts. Some of the criminal and civil cases that we handle include income tax, property disputes, shareholder disagreements, business torts, corporate appeals, financial crimes, marijuana possession and medical negligence, insurance fraud, improper solicitation of patients and inappropriate contact with patients, Medicare fraud and white collar crimes. Most federal petitions for habeas corpus under 2255 are filed in the Minnesota federal district courts in Minneapolis.

Federal Habeas Corpus Lawyers in Minnesota

Minnesota Habeas Corpus lawyers at Brownstone, PA have extensive experience at every step of a criminal defense case: from pretrial motions, to trial, to appeals, to the post-conviction phases of a case that has lost in the Court of Appeals. Post-Conviction motions are used as a second chance. We may be able to withdraw a plea, lower a sentence, overturn a conviction, or obtain a new trial. Contact our federal criminal defense  lawyer Minneapolis Minnesota to learn more about post conviction motion in federal court.

We often file motions under: Rule 2255 Motions for Ineffective Counsel. It may be possible through the application of these rules to take your cases back to trial court to raise additional grounds that you failed to raise in your appeal, such as:


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