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Federal Appeals Lawyer in Minnesota

Federal Appeals Lawyer in Minnesota

Minnesota Federal Appeal Attorneys

Our Minnesota federal appellate lawyers are dedicated to our client’s success. We have the talents and skills to advance any federal appeal in the country, including Minnesota federal appeals to the Eighth Circuit and Supreme Court. We handle federal appeals from Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Rochester, Duluth, Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, and Plymouth. The federal lawyers at our firm have handled hundreds of appeals covering many different topics. Contact our Minnesota Federal Appellate Lawyers to review your case at 1-888-233-8895.

Our federal appeals lawyers attorneys in Minnesota are standing by to help with your free consultation. Call today! 1-888-233-8895.

With former law clerks, prosecutors, and federal appeal attorneys that focus 100% on federal appellate litigation, Brownstone provides the team to appeal a criminal case. A jury trial is granted to criminal defendants in the state of Minnesota who can also appeal against their conviction for federal charges. Brownstone covers federal appeals related to all areas of law, focusing on drug appeals, drug trafficking, white collar crime, and drug possession and cannabis possession. Return to our federal criminal appellate law firm page.

Federal convictions have severe repercussions and you might have to spend time behind bars and pay a monetary penalty as well. The right to appeal is available to every sentenced person. Brownstone’s Minnesota Federal Appellate Law Firm has the experience to handle appeals related to complicated legal issues such as white collar, RICO, drug crimes, federal drug trafficking, federal drug possession, federal counterfeiting, federal robbery, federal drug cultivation, federal sentencing violations, petitions for writs of habeas corpus, federal drug manufacturing and felony murder.

We have the experience of representing clients in federal appeals. The time limit prescribed for federal appeals is limited so contact our appeal lawyers in Minneapolis and St. Paul quickly.

Minnesota Federal Criminal Appeal Attorneys

Our firm provides guidance and consultation for dealing with federal criminal appeals. Before taking on a case, we provide analysis of the legal issues related to your case. The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals hears cases from Minnesota.  There are strict deadlines for federal appeals. If you don’t follow the deadlines, you lose your right to appeal.

Contact our Minnesota Federal Appellate Lawyer today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

Brownstone’s Minnesota federal appeal attorneys provide comprehensive appellate services in a broad range of areas such as insurance, criminal, commercial, oil and gas, antitrust, white collar crime, healthcare, financial, and white collar crime appeals. Our Minnesota federal appellate team handles cases across the United States and before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeal as well as the United States Supreme Court.


Federal Appeals Lawyer in Minnesota

The capabilities of an appellate attorney are different than a trial lawyer. An attorney who is dedicated to federal appellate litigation is important and part of the strategy. The federal appeal may be the last opportunity to overturn a jury verdict or court order. Our Minnesota Federal Appellate Law Firm are focused on providing the strategies to advance any federal appeal to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeal or Supreme Court of the United States.

Contact our Federal Appellate Law Firm today for a free consultation about your case. We will cover all aspects and options that could possibly help you with your case.

When it comes to a track record of sheer success in the area of federal appeals, Brownstone takes the cake. Our federal appeal lawyers are here to deliver according to client expectations. More often than not, cases do not just end with a simple verdict at trial courts. This is when clients can appeal to revoke a decision or seek to make alterations and changes in the sentence.

And this is where Brownstone’s brilliant federal appeal lawyers in Minnesota come into the picture. Our attorneys have what it takes to succeed at the appellate level and fix any problems that might have shown up during the trial court verdict.

Brownstone’s lawyers work day and night to build effective arguments against wrong verdicts, which have helped our clients gain a new lease on life. Our lawyers have years worth of experience dealing with federal courts across Minnesota and this has helped them accurately pinpoint strategies that can be used to reverse decisions in the client’s favor.

Minneapolis Federal Appeals Attorney

The right to appeal is given to every individual sentenced by the trial court. Brownstone’s lawyers have learnt to make the most of this and provide assistance to a wide range of clients in filing federal appeals. Our lawyers have handled a wide array of cases including federal drug manufacturing cases, drug possession cases, robbery, drug cultivation, rico, white collar crimes etc.

Brownstone’s expertise with such varied cases has put them in high regard among clients and rivals alike. The law firm is home to several celebrated Federal Appeal Lawyers, who can do everything, from creating convincing appeals to developing fool-proof arguments.If you live in Minnesota and need help with filing a federal appeal, contact Brownstone at 1-888-233-8895.

US Court of Appeals in Minneapolis Minnesota.  Connect with the federal appeals lawyers in Minneapolis to appeal your case.

Recent Opinions from Minnesota Federal Appeals and Eighth Circuit

United States of America v. Charles Eagle Pipe (2018)

Case No. 17-3039

Charles Eagle Pipe pleaded guilty to domestic assault by an habitual offender in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 117. At sentencing, the district court determined that Eagle Pipe’s advisory guidelines range was 30 to 37 months imprisonment. The court departed upward because Eagle Pipe’s criminal history category substantially underrepresented the seriousness of his criminal history, see USSG § 4A1.3(a)(1), and imposed a forty five month sentence, a one month downward variance from the revised guidelines range. Eagle Pipe appeals the sentence, asserting that the court committed procedural and substantive error.  Read more about this federal criminal appeals Minnesota: Minnesota Federal Appeal

Republican Party of Minnesota v. Verna Kelly

Case No. 98-1625

Gregory F. Wersal, a licensed Minnesota attorney and candidate for the position of Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, together with his campaign committee, Campaign for Justice, his wife, Cheryl L. Wersal, his brother, Mark Wersal, one of his supporters, Corwin C. Hulbert, the Minnesota Republican Party (MRP), and associations affiliated with the MRP (collectively plaintiffs), appeal from an order of  the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota denying their motion for a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction in their action against the Chair of the Minnesota Board of Judicial Standards, the Chair of the Minnesota Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board, and the Director of the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility.  Read more here: Minnesota Replubican Party Federal Appeal

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