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Federal Post-Conviction Lawyers In New York

New York Federal Post-Conviction Attorneys

There’s a limited window of time to file a federal post-conviction writ in New York. At Brownstone Law, our team of New York federal post-conviction attorneys works as quickly and effectively as possible to navigate this complicated area of law in New York. For many clients, post-conviction relief through habeas corpus is the last chance the convicted client has to defend their rights. This is why we work vigorously during all criminal post-conviction relief and habeas corpus circumstances. Contact our Criminal Federal Attorneys for New York;  or our New York post-conviction attorneys at 347-305-4912.

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We can file the writs of habeas corpus in New York federal courts if there is:


The result of a successful federal habeas corpus is life changing. You could potentially regain your freedom, rights, and reputation. Many clients appreciate the opportunity to return to a life of normalcy and leave the wrongful conviction behind them. To ensure that your rights are protected, it’s critical to have a professional and experienced team that understands how post-conviction relief and habeas corpus work. Return to our main federal post conviction lawyer page to read more about federal writs.

Federal Post Conviction Law Firm in New York

Everyone has the right to appeal a conviction. A defendant has 14 days from the date of their sentencing to file a “Notice of Appeal”. Along with the notice of appeal is a “Designation of Record”, which will designate all the documents and court reporter transcripts which will be necessary for the appeal. After that, the higher court will issue a “Briefing Schedule” which sets the time limits on the date the “Appellant’s Brief” is to be file.  Our federal criminal appeal lawyers in New York also handle drug appeals and criminal appeals before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals for the United States.

The State can file a “Respondent Brief,” in turn the defendant gets to set the last words in a “Reply Brief”. Upon the discretion of the judge, he can rule on the pleadings presented or may call for an “Oral Argument”, where the appellate defense attorney and prosecutor show up to argue the case. After that, the judge will issue his ruling. If the said ruling is unsatisfactory the aggrieved party can appeal to the next higher court.


New York Federal Criminal Post Conviction Lawyers

Call Brownstone Law’s New York federal post-conviction lawyers today before the timeline for the writ of habeas corpus expires. We’d be thrilled to discuss what our appellate attorneys can do for you. With years of experience, our New York federal post-conviction attorneys are the best choice for your appeal. There aren’t many attorneys who can say they have handled more cases than Brownstone has. Go with the experience, go with Brownstone Law! Our firm practices federal writs of  habeas corpus in Syracuse, Buffalo, and New York City.

New York Habeas Corpus Motions and Federal Writs

The diverse criminal cases that we have handled in the past makes us one of the most experienced law firm in this country. We have several lawyers that have represented clients in drug cases, and many other criminal cases.  The Second Circuit Court of Appeals handles appeals of writs of habeas corpus under 2241, 2255, and 2254. Our firm is also experienced in corporate crime appeals, shareholder disputes, business torts, commercial litigation and tax evasion appeals. We are also skilled and knowledgeable with habeas corpus petitions at the federal appellate court level, including the Second Circuit Court of Appeal. With the kind of experience that we have, our clients have the best chance of winning their case on appeal.

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