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Federal Appeal Lawyers In New York

Federal Appeal Lawyers In New York

New York Federal Appeal Lawyers

Brownstone’s federal appeal lawyers are called upon in each of the appellate courts to represent clients before every federal court of appeal in the United States. Our federal appeal attorneys often appear before the United States Supreme Court in a variety of cases and oral arguments. The unique aspect of our appellate law firm is our people and the fact that we represent clients in both federal civil and federal criminal appeals across the United States and in each United States Court of Appeals. Contact our New York Federal Appeal Lawyers today at 347-305-4912

Contact our federal appeals lawyers in New York today  347-305-4912.

Successful Federal Appellate Court Litigation New York

Quality is what matters when it comes to delivering successful appeals for our clients. Our work is creative and tailored to meet the needs of our diverse client base. Our federal appeals attorneys handle federal appeals in Manhattan, Hempstead, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Syracuse, Albany, Brooklyn, Queens,  and Brox New York.  Our firm has handled a variety of appeals in nearly every substantive area of law including criminal, environmental, administrative, banking, property rights, constitutional, civil rights, energy and intellectual property.  Return to our federal appellate law firm page to read more about our federal lawyers.

We thrive on unique questions of law and difficult odds. Our foundation for victory is based on winning strategies that are developed from the beginning of the appeal. We focus and tailor all efforts to maximize effective brief writing and powerful oral arguments. Our New York federal appeal lawyers also appear before the United States Supreme Court.

New York Federal Appeal Lawyers

Brownstone is a successful appeals firm that has handled hundreds of cases for clients across multiple legal disciplines. Brownstone is one of the foremost appeals law firms in New York and provides effective appellate representation for individuals and businesses.

Brownstone has experienced and trained appellate litigation staff and New York Lawyers that focus on federal appeals. We handle civil and criminal appeals in both federal courts across all areas of law with diligence and professionalism. We have the ability to tackle a variety of legal issues in New York federal courts. We practice before all U.S. Courts, including the Second Circuit Court of Appeal, representing clients from Manhattan, Bronx, Buffalo, Syracuse, Queens, New York City and Albany.

New York Federal Criminal Appeal Lawyers

Our New York Federal Appeal Lawyers work as co-counsel with the trial lawyers appointed by our clients so that each and every aspect of the case can be covered during the appeal.Appeal proceedings are complex and hard to comprehend for a majority of the lawyers. Hiring an experienced appeals lawyer is important if you want to succeed in your appeal against a federal conviction. The lawyer should have handled federal appeals before. Act fast to appeal a federal criminal conviction.

If you have received a federal conviction, you only have 10 days to file a Notice of Appeal in the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. The federal appeal lawyers at our firm handle all types of criminal appeals including appeals of New York habeas corpus motions. Contact us immediately to preserve your right to appeal, call Brownstone’s New York Federal Appeal Lawyers at 347-305-4912.

Federal Courts of Appeal in New York are:


Brownstone’s New York federal appeal attorneys handle appellate proceedings for business and commercial litigation cases, as well as securities fraud appeals. Errors made during the trial are common and you can file an appeal against those errors. You have the right to inform a higher court about your grievances during the trial process. A triumphant appeal results in the case being sent back to the trial court to be reviewed as per the order of the court you appealed to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

At Brownstone Law, New York’s federal criminal appellate law firm, your justice is our number one concern. Our experienced New York Federal appeal lawyers are here to help you get true justice, whether that means overturning a conviction or reversing a civil judgment.  We also practice appeals in federal racketeering cases in New York City. We understand how disturbing it can be to have your reality shattered by a wrongful conviction or punitive settlement. That is why the appeal lawyers at Brownstone Law make it their number one priority to get you your life back. With Brownstone Law, you can count on federal criminal appeal lawyers with an unwavering work ethic engaged in the dogged pursuit of your justice. Contact our federal crime appellate lawyers in New York  347-305-4912.

Being able to practice a profession in the field of federal criminal appeals is complex.   In case you are one who has been involved in such kind of criminal conviction and intends to file for an appeal as the prior judgment did not turn out to be one in your favor, you may file for federal appeals covering improper sentencing violations, or such other similar forms of appeals. Contact our New York federal crime appeal attorneys today so they can review your case and determine which course to take on your appeal.


There is a key to success when it comes to requesting and arguing for an criminal appeal in New York federal courts. Many of those who have received an upsetting court decision often have no idea where to start with the federal crime appeals process. Brownstone Law has become one of the most recognized criminal appellate law firms in New York because our federal appeal attorneys work personally with clients, helping them to understand the options they have in their unique situations.

If you are dissatisfied with a recent court proceeding, call us today! The appeal lawyers at Brownstone Law are here to guide you through the appellate process. Call us today 347-305-4912.

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Connect with our federal appeals lawyers in New York to talk about your appeal at 347-305-4912.