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Federal Appeals Lawyers in North Dakota

Federal Appeals Lawyers in North Dakota


Our North Dakota federal appeal lawyers are dedicated to federal appeals in both civil and criminal cases. We practice in every federal court in the country, representing clients in a wide range of areas and legal disputes. Contact our Federal Appeal Lawyers today at 1-888-233-8895.

Connect with our federal appellate law firm today at 888-233-8895.

Our North Dakota federal appeal lawyers have helped large and small companies, individuals, and major corporations achieve their goals before the federal courts of appeal in the United States. We serve clients across the country and in North Dakota. We enable our clients to succeed and have a long history of success. Members of our appellate advocacy team are some of the most experienced attorneys in the nation.

North Dakota Federal Criminal Appeal Attorneys

We serve as primary counsel for civil and criminal appeals, also preparing post-trial memorandums, jury instructions, and major motions filed with the lower courts. Our lawyers are often called up to represent clients before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and U.S. Supreme Court. We also handle appeals from the United States District Court of North Dakota.

Federal Appeals Lawyers in North Dakota

Our law firm is nationally recognized for our legal services within the federal courts of appeal. The appellate team at Brownstone represents some of the largest businesses in the country before all the federal courts of appeal. The federal appeal issues we handle are challenging and complex. The North Dakota federal appeal lawyers at Brownstone are 100% devoted to civil and criminal appellate matters. We aim to increase our client’s chance of winning by preparing powerful arguments, persuasive briefs, and effective oral presentations before the Federal Appeals Courts.

The rules relating to the federal appeals process in North Dakota are complex. We have adequate knowledge of all areas of appeal laws and handle criminal appeals relating to drug cases, trafficking, drug cultivation, RICO, white collar crime, fraud, securities fraud, robbery, and related areas of federal criminal appeals. Our firm handles post-conviction motions, 2254, 2255 habeas petitions. We handle appeals from Fargo to Bismark.

North Dakota Federal Appeals

Our North Dakota Federal Appeal Lawyers are second to none. We concentrate on appellate practice in federal courts and will fight for your rights following a conviction or sentence. Each case is based on a strong foundation of strategy, planning, research, writing, and oral argument preparation. We handle criminal, including Drug Appeals, DUI Appeals, Federal Crime Appeals, and civil appeals in federal courts and North Dakota courts. Contact our appeal lawyers in North Dakota today for a free consultation.

We rank among the Nation’s top appellate law firms. We focus all of our efforts on the appeal process. Our North Dakota Federal Appeal Lawyers are called upon to brief some of the most complex issues facing our clients. Our group of lawyers are dedicated possess unique analytical skills required for the appellate process. We represent clients in a variety of complex cases in the State of North Dakota.

Our past experience of handling hundreds of appeals means we are provide top representation for our clients at the appellate level. We have argued various cases including multiple areas of law such as federal criminal appeals, antitrust, federal civil appeals, banking, environmental, civil rights, criminal, and securities.