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The appeal lawyers at the Law Office of Robert Sirianni are appellate law professionals. Our office deals exclusively with appeal law issues. Whether you are battling in the civil or criminal courts, our expertise can help you to succeed. Our Arlington Texas appeals lawyers have argued many cases in front of state and federal courts and are experts at researching and writing appellate briefs. Appeals in Arlington Texas start at the Tarrant County Court of Appeals.

We have a passion for what we do and that energy is applied to consistently getting the best results for our clients. Contact us at 888-233-8895. Or, you can fill out the contact form.

Criminal Appeals in Arlington Texas

Among the types of appeals that our Arlington appeal lawyers can handle are petitions for writ of habeas corpus. This is not a standard appeal, but rather a hearing to examine whether or not an individual’s incarceration is lawful. If you are incarcerated after your conviction, you may be able to petition for habeas relief on the grounds of: confinement beyond sentence or calculation of sentence; violation of fundamental constitutional or statutory rights; new or void law; ineffective assistance of counsel; or discovery of new evidence. In state courts, typically only ineffective counsel is admitted for habeas relief. However, you can file for other kinds of Texas post-conviction relief. Additionally, you may petition the court for a writ of habeas corpus in order to challenge a violation of your constitutional rights, including: right to due process, right to jury trial, double jeopardy, right to appeal, right to a speedy trial, and right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. You may also petition the court on the grounds that the statute you were convicted under is unconstitutional. If you are considering filing for a writ of habeas corpus, you should contact us immediately as there are typically time limitations to appeals. Return to our Texas appeal lawyers page.  Call us at 888-233-8895.

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Arlington Criminal Appeals Lawyers

Whether you are challenging a case in criminal or civil court, our Arlington appeal lawyers can help you. As appeals professionals, we are very qualified to handle any and all appeals processes. Contact our Arlington appellate law firm today for your free consultation. Once we are familiar with your case we can begin examining all avenues of potential success for our clients.

Whether you need an attorney to file a federal appeal in a criminal or civil case, our law firm has the broad range of experience and depth of attorneys to help meet your legal objectives on appeal. The Arlington Appeal Lawyers at our firm appear before the U.S. Supreme Court and Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal. We have strong resources to file any type of complex federal appeals in Texas. Our firm provides a team approach to each case. The Texas appeals lawyers at the Law Office of Robert Sirianni will review the record on appeal. We file top briefs to provide the best chance of winning the argument on appeal for our clients in Texas.

Contact our appeal lawyers today for your free consultation. Our attorneys can also practice in Laredo, Houston, Lubbock, Amarillo, Brownsville, Waco, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, and Plano. Contact our Texas appellate law firm 888-233-8895. 

Arlington Texas Appeals Lawyers

Brownstone has been involved in filing appeals for clients for quite some time. We do this because we strongly believe that every person has the right to a second chance. A lot of innocent people in Arlington, Texas end up in prison for crimes they did not commit. This occurs primarily due to incomplete investigations, improper evidence, and even due to prejudiced rulings. Fortunately, Brownstone’s team of stellar appeal lawyers have been fighting in appellate courts to make sure that our innocent clients do not have to pay for a crime they did not commit.

We have a long established history with the appellate courts in Arlington and this has given us the knowledge and expertise to handle any type of appeals that our clients may file.  Our law firm is led by Texas appellate lawyer Robert Sirianni. Many of our clients come to us because they know that the Brownstone name is reliable and trustworthy.

The Brownstone name has been giving hope to wrongly convicted clients for ages and we have the track record of proving it. As one of the top appellate firms in Arlington, we are most willing to assist you in filing appeals for any types of cases that you might be involved in.

By appealing a criminal case in Texas, defendants stand a chance to have a reduced sentence or being granted a re-trial. It is also possible to be acquitted after an Texas appeal process in which there is newly discovered evidence that vindicates you or an error in law that occurred at the trial court level. The qualifications and dedication of our Texas appeals attorneys brings fresh ideas and a whole new outlook of a given case so as to ensure that there is a positive outcome from the appeals process in Texas.

Our appeal attorneys are renowned for their work when it comes to developing writs and appeals. They have been continuously recognized for their hard work and their focus towards delivering results for their clients. They have worked with several appellate courts including The Texas Supreme Court, The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, and The United States Supreme Court.

If you live in Arlington and require expert guidance and assistance in filing an appeal, contact Brownstone Law at 888-233-8895.

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