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After Serving 18 Years for a Crime He Didn’t Commit, Freed Inmate Tells His Story

After serving 18 years for murder, Eric Glisson, a member of the Bronx Six, has been freed from prison. A federal appeals attorney in New York explains how Glisson owes his freedom to a kind nun and an investigator who refused to give up on him.

The Background of the Case

At the age of 18, Eric Glisson experienced most people’s worst nightmare. He was accused, tried and convicted of murder he didn’t commit. As a federal appeals lawyer in New York explains, his strange odyssey through the criminal justice system began in 1995 when livery cab driver Baithe Diop was shot dead in the Bronx. The perpetrators took Diop’s cell phone and money. As a federal appeals lawyer in Texas describes, a lone woman claimed she witnessed the murders from her bedroom window 100 feet away. She identified Glisson and five others in connection with the murder and they became known as the Bronx Six. Glisson was sentenced to 25 to life for the murder and served time at the notorious Sing Sing prison.

How Glisson Won His Freedom

Glisson exhausted all of his appeals over the years. He had all but given up hope when Sister Joanna Chan began to visit him. Known as ‘Grandma’ by other inmates, Chan believed in Glisson’s innocence and took his case to the only lawyer she knew, Peter Cross. Cross looked deeper into the case, even visiting the crime scene. Cross was able to convince police to reopen the case after he discovered that the so-called eyewitness would not have been able to see or hear the murders from her claimed vantage point. Additionally, Cross reviewed the victim’s phone records and discovered that calls were placed after the murders by two members of a known gang called the Sex, Money, Murder Gang. Those two members had already confessed to the crime. The prosecutor reviewed the evidence and Glisson, along with several others, were finally freed after 18 years.

Glisson is now pursuing a civil lawsuit against the state.

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