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Woman Stabs Boyfriend 25 Times With Heel of Stiletto

If you search for the phrase odd murder weapons online, you will find stories of homicides that have been committed with many different, and yes, odd objects. From spatulas to icicles, to an Xbox360 and a bowling ball, people seem to use whatever is at their disposal when the time comes to end another persons life. Such was the case in Houston, Texas where Ana Trujillo was on trial for killing her boyfriend Dr. Stefan Andersson, stabbing him 25 times with a blue suede stiletto heel.

Rewind to the beginning of their relationship, when things were a bit more civil, Andersson had convinced Trujillo that he was a suitable mate and the two began dating even though Trujillo simply wanted a business relationship. Andersson, originally from Sweden but a US citizen, was a recovering alcoholic who was a woman’s health researcher and professor at the University of Houston, while Trujillo was an artist originally from Mexico, dreaming of writing a book with Andersson. Prosecutors described Trujillo as being angry and aggressive in the couples  on-again, off-again relationship while Andersson was mild-mannered and quiet.

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While nobody objected to the fact that Trujillo killed Andersson, the court needed to determine whether or not it was pre-meditated or simply self-defense. The defense would argue that she was defending herself from Andersson who had become enraged because she was leaving him to stay with friends. They painted the scene with Trujillo being slammed against a wall and thrown over a couch, unable to breathe and begging for her life. The last thing for her to do was to grab what was near and defend her right to live. She grabbed the shoe and began stabbing him in the face, not realizing that she was killing him in the process. Even going as far as to call 911 and perform CPR while waiting for an ambulance.

The prosecution called a former boyfriend of Trujillo’s to recall the night she had attacked him and his new girlfriend. Claiming the attack was unwarranted, the prosecution detailed the physical altercation and death threat Trujillo had issued. Other past violent outbursts were also brought to light, including one where a security guard had to remove Trujillo after a drunken altercation at a massage parlor she worked at. Also discussed were two DUI charges and an incident where she had hit a friend on the back of the head with a candle stick, knocking him out.

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Closing arguments highlighted the defense’s claim of self-defense against the prosecutions suggestion of cold blooded murder. The murder weapon- a 5 inch blue suede stiletto heel, was brought out as the prosecution reenacted how the murder occurred.

The jury took a mere two hours to find Ana Trujillo guilty of murder in the slaying of Dr. Stefan Andersson. The defense’s claim that she was defending herself and was a victim of domestic violence fell on deaf ears as the prosecution’s evidence and explanation of her violent past was enough for the jury to reach a quick decision.

Three days later, the same jury sentenced her to life in prison. The sentence carries a mandatory sentence of 30 years before she is eligible for parole. 45 years old now, she will be 75 before she has a chance for freedom.

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