Convicted Killer and Rapist Denied Parole

Convicted killer Ming Sen Shiue will stay behind bars, at least for the time being. Shiue’s case shocked Minnesotans when he was convicted more than thirty years ago.

The History of the Case
Ming Sen Shiue was tried for a variety of shocking crimes that he apparently committed in 1980. The jury found Shiue guilty after details emerged about his kidnapping of his former high school algebra teacher and her then 8 year old daughter. It appears that Shiue locked mother and daughter in the trunk of his car. During the kidnapping, 6-year-old Jason Wilman witnessed them there. Shiue allegedly murdered the young boy for it. He kept Mary Stauffer, his former teacher in his home for 7 weeks where he apparently repeatedly raped her, videotaping many of the attacks, as an appeals lawyer explains. During his trial, Shiue even went after Stauffer from the witness stand, attacking her with a knife and inflicting wounds that required 62 stitches.

The Reasoning Behind the Recent Ruling
As a federal appeals lawyer explains, Shiue has lost his latest bid for parole. Denial will result if the prisoner has broken prison rules during incarceration or presents a reasonable probability of committing further offenses upon release. In her opinion, the judge cited issues with Shiue not having a release plan in place and therefore making him ineligible for parole at this time. He will not be eligible again for another two years. Prosecutors have filed a petition requesting he be committed to a sex offender program in the event he is ever granted release.

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