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Overcoming the Challenges of Filing an Appeal in Atlanta

The legal system in any country can be full of complexities and complications until somebody explains it to you. The interpretation of the law is an important thing that can only be done by the people who have studied the law and practiced it in a court of law.

The appellate lawyers in Atlanta, in the state of Georgia, are the experts on the different interpretations of the law for different offenses under the different sections of the law of the state of Georgia. The complications of the law are different in different types of courts and their proceedings.

What is an Appellate Court?

We are going to talk about a specific court of law that comes are a second knock at the door of justice. The appellate court of law has an open door for a second chance to make your point and prove your innocence under the law of the state.

The complicated procedure of the judicial system regarding the appellate law can best be approached with an appellate attorney that has an experience in a good number of cases with a great success rate. Brownstone appeal lawyers in Atlanta is a team of highly professional and skilled appellate lawyers who settle for nothing less than a win or settlement to protect the rights of their clients.

In this short piece of writing, we are going to talk about overcoming the challenges of filing an appeal in the appellate court of Atlanta, Georgia. We will talk about some of the important points in the appellate court proceedings.

What is the Importance of Meeting Deadlines?

The guilty verdict comes as a kind of emotional despair to a person charged with some criminal offence but at the same time, the verdict has a ray of hope for a better outcome. What is that ray of hope, it is the right of the appeal that you can exercise in a higher court to make your point clear if you think that you are legally been not given a fair chance to represent a case.

This right of appeal comes with a certain time limit in which you can exercise that right of appeal. In other words, you can simply say that there is a deadline at the last paragraph of the decision of the court to appeal against the decision. This deadline is necessary to meet and failing to meet this deadline means that there is no chance of pointing out the legal errors in the decision of the court made in your case.

The importance of meeting the deadline is that simple as explained above if you fail to meet that deadline, your second chance is gone and you will end up with the verdict from the court against you and then there is nothing that can be done in that case.

What are the Complexities of filing an appeal?

The legal system of any country can be complex for a person who has not studied it. There are different laws in different states in the U.S. The appeal lawyers in Atlanta are experts in their own state laws as well as the federal appeal lawyers. They understand how complicated the procedure of appealing a case can be.

The intention of filing an appeal is to identify the errors of law in the decision of the lower court. This identification of the error of the law in the original decision of the lower court should be backed up by strong arguments. The drafting of the argument should be done by an experienced appellant lawyer who can back them up on the case hearing with oral arguments.

The drafting of the brief that outlines the legal errors in the court’s decisions and drafting of the grounds of appeal are comprised of complex legal case laws and references from previous decisions of different courts under the same law. These are the complexities of the law and can online be handled by an experienced and well-versed lawyer in appellate law.

Challenging the lower court’s decision

We are talking about the complexities of the appellate law in Atlanta that comes under the laws of the state of Georgia. When we are dealing with some of the complications of the legal system then challenging the decision of a court is one of the biggest ones. The court and jury are comprised of very educated and knowledgeable judges.

Remember that when appealing a verdict, you are going against the decisions of these judges who are representing a court. The court is always honorable and everybody should respect that. However, being honorable does not mean that you cannot make an error or your understanding cannot be different from the understanding of the crime situation.

The light in which the evidence is looked upon and made a decision can be different from the real circumstances. The job of a criminal appeal lawyer in Atlanta or in any other state is to present the same evidence that was presented in the court before, in a different light and perspective.

To overturn the original decision of the court you have to identify the error of law made by the lower court without attacking the integrity of the honorable judges who made the decision. That is a difficult and manipulative job that can only be done by a professional appeal lawyer.

The potential for a split decision

When we go to an appellate court to appeal against the decision of the lower court, we have two decisions in mind;

  • The appeal will be successful and the court will accept our position and grounds for appeal
  • The appeal will not be successful and the verdict of the court be stand its ground

However, there is another outcome that we may have to face in an appellate court which is a split decision. There is always a possibility of a split decision which means that some of the judges in the appellate court panel agree with the original decision made by the lower court and some judges disagree.

This situation makes it difficult to proceed further so here in this situation the expertise of an appellate lawyer is tested and the experience of the lawyer comes into play. This is one of the biggest reasons to have an experienced lawyer so that we are capable of handling any situation that may come out as a result of the hearing in court.

The challenging process of filing an appeal after a negative decision is always a job for an expert. The drafting of a brief, making the grounds for appeal, and presenting an argument to get a favorable outcome all matter a lot in the overall outcome of the appeal process.

The legal team of Brownstone Law appeal lawyers in Atlanta is one of the most experienced when it comes to criminal appeal lawyers. They understand all the complexities of the appellate process and all possible outcomes of an appeal case. They know how to approach an appellate court and how to draft the grounds of appeal in such a way that it may convince the judges to overturn the decision of the lower court.

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