The Law Office of Robert Sirianni: A Miami Appellate Law Firm

It is a day on the weekend.  You, having worked a forty hour workweek have several errands to run in order to prepare for the upcoming week.  Picking up the dry cleaning, grocery shopping, taking the kids to their extracurricular activities are a few items on the list.  As you get finished with the items on your list of errands, your significant other calls and adds one more item.  Inwardly groaning, you back out of the parking space without looking, lightly tapping the car behind you.  Your day has just gotten worse.  Months go by and the next thing you know you’re sitting in a courtroom, trying to dispute why a simple ding on a car would necessitate a visit to a masseuse weekly to cure the victim of neck problems which were incurred during the accident.  Shockingly, the judge agrees with the victim, making you pay the victim a generous sum of money to continue her treatments.  Fuming on your way home, you call the only appellate lawyers in Miami who can help you reverse these charges: The Law Office Robert Sirianni, a Miami Appellate Law Firm who understands your needs.

The Law Office of Robert Sirianni: Civil Appeal Lawyers in Miami

When it comes to civil law, we have you covered.  The Law Office of Robert Sirianni has so much experience that other firms often contact us for consultation.  We have appealed for high profile cases and for major corporations, but we’re not above helping those with less prominent cases.  Location is not a concern for us: even though we are located in Miami, we have licenses to practice law in many parts of the country.  Some of the cases we have been involved are; cocaine possession, copyright and patent appeals, white collar crimes, tax evasion, and corporate litigation.

The Law Office of Robert Sirianni: Post Conviction Lawyers in Miami

If you live in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, Texas, or Washington DC, we can represent you while we work to prepare to appeal your sentence.  There are several ways to appeal your sentence if you were to get incarcerated.  The first option is to file a Motion to Vacate Conviction and/or Sentencing requesting a new trial.   These are often filed because there were some key factors that were mishandled by the courts.  Such examples include: ineffective counsel, newly discovered evidence; and the judgement is unconstitutional.

Other services that our post-conviction lawyers in Miami can provide are to file Motions of Relief on your behalf.  We have represented inmates who would like to; have their sentences reduced, vacate their conviction, motions to overturn a judgement, motions for a new trial, and a motion based off of newly discovered evidence.

After you have exhausted all legal avenues when it comes to legal avenues, we will be there to help you file a Habeas Corpus Motion, which will help you with obtaining some of the benefits of the items listed above.

Most recently, DNA evidence has been used in several current court cases.  What if you were imprisoned before that technology was available?  If you were convicted prior to DNA discovery, we will be happy to represent you while we start the process of filing a Habeas Corpus Motion, a Motion of Relief, or a Motion to Vacate Conviction based on newly presented evidence.  As new technologies are brought into the existence, we will always continue to be available for use as part of your as a motion process.

The Law Office of Robert Sirianni: Miami Federal Civil and Criminal Appeal Attorneys

With our experienced federal appeal attorneys, The Law Office of Robert Sirianni will work tirelessly to get the results you desire.  Our litigators have filed motions forty five out of fifty of the United States, in all eleven circuits of the Federal Court on both on civil and criminal levels.  On top of this, we also have been known to represent business and commercial litigants.  When you contact us, your case will be reviewed and we will contact you to help you devise a legal strategy and advice on how to proceed with your legal actions.

As you can see, with our versatile portfolio, The Law Office of Robert Sirianni will be there to suit your appellate legal needs.

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