Two Baltimore Officers Suspended After Accusations They Slit a Dog’s Throat

In a case that has drawn national media attention, two Baltimore police officers place disciplinary action and criminal charges stemming from an incident where they alleged slit a dog’s throat. A federal appeals lawyer in Maryland explains the case and what’s next for the officers in question.

The Disturbing Events in the Case

As a federal appeals attorney explains, two Baltimore police officers face serious trouble after responding to a call about a loose dog. Officers Thomas Schmidt and Jeffrey Bolger apparently responded to a call from a woman who claimed she had tried to secure a loose dog but had been bitten by it. The dog in question, a Shar Pei named Nala, was owned by Sarah Gossard. It appears that Nala slipped through a hole in Gossard’s fence. Gossard claims she was not even aware that the dog was loose.

The Alleged Facts Surrounding the Dog’s Death

According to reports, Schmidt and Bolger approached the dog. Witnesses claim Bolger remarked that he was going to “gut” the dog. Schmidt allegedly got a hold of Nala and held her down while Bolger slit her throat, killing her.

The Consequences the Officers Face

Officer Bolger was suspended and faces charges related to animal cruelty. Officer Schmidt has now been suspended from duty as a result of the incident as well. Internal Affairs will investigate the incident and members of the Department have already described it as outrageous and unacceptable. The officers may stay on suspension pending the investigation.

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