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A Texas Teen Faces Life Behind Bars for Making and Selling Pot Brownies

In a case that is garnering national attention and tens of thousands of protests, 19-year-old Jacob Lavaro faces life in prison for growing and selling pot-laced brownies. A Texas criminal appeals attorney explains the background of the case and what’s next for Lavoro.

The Circumstances Surrounding the Arrest
As a Texas criminal appeals attorney explains, Jacob Lavoro appears to have been done in by his neighbors. Neighbors called the police after they smelled pot coming from his apartment. As a Texas criminal appeals lawyer explains, police came to investigate and say Lavoro gave them permission to search the premises. They recovered pot brownies packaged for sale, $1,600 in cash and an apparent list of clients.

The Severity of the Possible Sentence
As a Texas criminal appeals lawyer can discuss, Lavoro faces between 5 years to life if convicted on his charges. This stems from quantity and quality of the product he allegedly made and sold. As a Texas criminal appeals attorney can counsel, the brownies line question were laced not only with marijuana but a substance known as hash oil, which is a resin from the raw marijuana leaf. Lavoro has tens of thousands of online supporters and many of them showed up at the courthouse for his hearing. A rally is planned.

Basic Drug Possession Penalties
As Mr. Lavoro has discovered, Texas statutes impose much stiffer penalties for conviction the larger the amount of drug found as well as its quantity. It’s the intent to sell inferred form the quantity that can expose a defendant to the maximum penalty under the law.

If you or a loved one face drug related or other criminal charges, it’s important that you seek counsel from a knowledgeable Texas criminal appeals attorney. Our attorneys at Brownstone Law have years of experience working with clients in the criminal justice system. To schedule an appointment for an initial consultation, call 855.776.2773.


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