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What to Consider When Hiring an Appellate Attorney

After you lose a civil or criminal case in a trial court, you are entitled to appeal the judgment in the appellate court. You can use the same lawyer who presented your case in the trial court or hire an appeal lawyer. Consider that the appellate procedure is different from the trial court proceedings. It is often beneficial to hire an appeal attorney to bring a fresh perspective to the case. Furthermore, it will increase the chances of winning an appeal.

If you are wondering how to hire the best appellate attorney for your case, read the following guide.

Hire a Specialist Who Handles Only Appellate Litigation

You may have hired an excellent lawyer to handle your case in the trial court. However, appellate litigation requires an appeal attorney who knows the appellate process very well and has a primary practice in appellate court. In some cases, petitioners hire appellate attorneys and trial lawyers, creating a team to get the best chance in an appeal.

Should You Select an Appellate Attorney from a Different Firm?

Most law firms will have a set of trial attorneys and appellate attorneys. You can choose the trial lawyer’s colleague as the appellate lawyer for your case, but it could bring unnecessary trouble to the team. If the appeal lawyer has any personal conflict with your trial lawyer, it can become detrimental to the case. It’s beneficial to choose an appeal lawyer from another law firm who can bring a different perspective to your case.

Review the Appeal Lawyer’s Qualification

Selecting an appeal lawyer based solely on reputation is not an effective way to choose one. A lawyer who is good on paper may not satisfy your expectations and requirements. It’s essential to meet the person and understand their prior experience in handling appellate litigations. You should also find out if the appeal lawyer is willing to work with the trial lawyer on the case as a team to increase the chances of winning. The right appellate lawyer can help you shape the strategy for your appeal and help you through the entire process.

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