Arizona Federal Appeals Lawyers

Arizona Federal Appeals Lawyers

Federal Appeals Attorneys in Arizona

When the stakes are high, our Arizona federal appeals law firm delivers results that matter on when you’re fighting for your rights to justice. When a case is on appeal the issue becomes more complicated, and often times, attorneys aren’t equipped with the knowledge or experience to deal with the appeal. Appeals from Arizona go to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and require a special set of skills and unique commitment to understand the law and rules of federal appellate procedure. Experience matters most when considering a well-seasoned strategy, which is why you need to contact our Arizona federal appeals lawyers to receive knowledgeable and expert representation on appeal. Call our appellate law firm today at (480) 422-3255 and schedule your free initial consultation whether you live in Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix or Tucson.

Contact our federal appeals lawyers in Arizona to review your case (480) 422-3255.

Arizona Federal Criminal Appeal Attorneys

In a competitive world, Brownstone’s Arizona federal appeals law firm is called up by our clients to address complex issues on appeal, whether they are civil matters or criminal cases. We get the satisfaction of developing long term relationships with our clients to ensure that we can help them reach their federal appellate goals. Our federal appeal attorneys are dedicated to success before every federal court of appeal in the country and are ready to fight for your rights following an unfair conviction or sentence. Return to our criminal federal appellate law firm page.

Our appellate experience has prepared us to advance difficult appeals in Arizona. We have argued hundreds of appeals before various courts of appeal, representing clients in civil and criminal Arizona federal appeals on a variety of cases. In addition to appeals of jury trials, our federal appeal lawyers in Arizona handle venue appeals, jurisdictional appeals, mandamus actions and petitions to the Supreme Court for review.  Our appellate lawyers also handle federal post conviction motions in Arizona.

We handle many types of federal criminal appeals including white collar crimes, federal sentencing hearings, criminal defense appeals, drug appeals and much more. Federal appeals are complex and require special skills and experience, which is why our lawyers focus solely on appellate law. Our legal team is adept at handling such appeals, having successfully taken on hundreds of federal appeals before. We handle large appeals as well as minor ones, both at the federal level and are well versed with the rules and regulations for federal appeals. Read more about our appeals in Arizona. Call our federal lawyers at (480) 422-3255.

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Appeals in Arizona Federal Courts

Brownstone Law has a group of dedicated, experienced, and talented appellate advocates ready to review your case and determine what the best course of action is on appeal. Most of the appeal attorneys at Brownstone Law are former law clerks, prosecutors, and handle appeals across the nation.

Our lawyers are recognized for their persuasive briefs and superior skills as appellate advocates in the state. The firm appeals the following types of cases: commercial, real estate, takings, tort, insurance coverage, complex litigation, environmental, oil and gas and energy also specializing in white collar criminal appeals, drug cases, RICO, conspiracy, and drug trafficking cases from Arizona. Most appeals start in the US District Courts For Arizona.

When you are ready to get your life back on track, our appellate lawyers are here to help. Once we review your case, we can determine what options are available to you. Contact our Arizona federal appellate law firm to set up your free initial consultation at (480) 422-3255.

Federal Appeals in Arizona Focus on

  • Civil Matters
  • Criminal Appeals
  • Jurisdictional Appeals
  • Mandamus Actions
  • Supreme Court Petitions
  • Federal Sentencing Hearings
  • Criminal Defense Appeals
  • Drug Appeals
  • White Collar Crimes


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