Indiana Federal Appeal Attorneys

Brownstone provides a full array of appellate services. We are a full service appellate litigation law firm, providing federal appeals in the Seventh Circuit and United States Supreme Court. Our Indiana federal appeal lawyers have served corporate, governmental, and individual clients across the United States for federal appeals in nearly every area of substantive law, including civil and criminal appeals in federal courts. 

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Federal Appeals Lawyers in Indiana

Indiana Federal Appeal Lawyers

Nationally recognized for our appellate work, the federal appeal lawyers at Brownstone represent some of Indiana’s best companies. Prevailing in appeals court means that attorneys must have the experience necessary to deliver results that matter. The skills of an appeal lawyer are unique, especially in federal court litigation. 

Successful federal appellate attorneys in Indiana must have the best resources to research case law and a powerful sense of advocacy in order to advance the issues on appeal. We frame the case from the ground up. Connect with our Indiana federal appeal lawyers today. Return to our main Indiana appeal page by clicking here: Federal Appeal Attorneys.

Indiana Federal Appellate Litigation Law Firm

The issues we handle in Indiana federal courts are complex. The federal appeal attorneys at Brownstone handle cases from Indianapolis as well as the entire state of Indiana. We are known for federal appeals in antitrust, regulatory, employment, insurance defense, products liability, class action, criminal, white collar crime, and SEC issues. The firm represents clients across Indiana including Fort Wayne and Indianapolis.

We use quality work and appropriate resources to advocate for our clients. Our approach is well-rounded and disciplined. We draw upon hundreds of appeals and years of experience to develop strategies for our clients. Given this background and experience of our federal appeals lawyers, one of our greatest strengths is teamwork.

We represent large and small companies. Our firm has been retained by banks, institutions, insurance companies, and medical hospitals to represent their interests at the appellate level. Our Indianapolis, Indiana federal appeal lawyers handle cases such as:

  • Criminal appeals
  • Drug appeals
  • RICO appeals
  • Class Action appeals
  • Oil, gas and energy appeals
  • Environmental appeals
  • Intellectual Property appeals

Indiana Federal Appeal Attorneys

Winning appeals demands a unique set of skills. As federal appeal attorneys our lawyers employ a different set of skills such as top research abilities and powerful analytic talents. Our goal is to create the best possible appeal for our clients and increase their chances of winning by working diligently by their side to obtain the necessary facts and documents regarding their case to create a winning argument. Successful Indiana federal appeal attorneys must also possess a great deal of federal court experience.

Our Indiana federal appeal team is made up of former law clerks and prosecutors. We have handled hundreds of appeals in both civil and criminal matters, including post-conviction relief motions based on ineffective counsel, 2255, 2254, and 2241 motions for habeas corpus. Our initial consultation is free so please contact us to discuss your federal case.

Our appetite for research means we craft the best appellate briefs and arguments for our clients. The Indiana federal appeal lawyers at Brownstone will advise clients on the appellate issues during and after trial. We also assists trial attorneys with motions made at the trial court such as motions in limine. This helps prepare the record on appeal.

Our firm is often retained to draft jury instructions and verdict forms. Finally, we brief the case to the appellate court, including the Seventh Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court. The Indiana federal appeal lawyers at our appellate litigation law firm work with clients from across Indiana, including Fort Wayne and Indianapolis.